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Suggestion : Random Mission Types


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swaz du lah killers.

This is already in game, well kind of. I mean, different types of same mission.

For example, defense :

In regular mission nodes it is about protecting a cryopod, but in sortie/arbitiration missions it is about you as a ''chad'' protecting a random ''virgin'' operative guy/girl who can't even protect himself/herself from enemies that who received elite military training but still can't shoot accurately. (at least im thinking they received some kind of training - infested not included)

For example, that one mobile defense mission in void :

Where you hack two consoles, then get in the portal and kill the boss, steal the key and then destroy portal machine and lastly scram. Different from regular md missions (there is also regular md in void tho just so you didn't know im telling this).


My point is after playing warframe for so long playing the same mission over and over again eventually becomes boring right. After i unlocked sorties for the first the and see that defense mission is different than usual, i was like ''wow this is actually new, not entirely new but, at least it is something''. That mission feels like less boring to me while playing it.

Then after a time later, DE reworked jupiter and brings a new game mode called ''disruption'' which is a fun version of defense imo. I was amazed by their work at that time, then i took a riven nerf in the knee and quit playing the game for nearly a year. (imagine grinding ur buttoff to farm kuva, then roll your favorite gun's riven so many times to at least get a decent riven only to find very next day that DE nerfed it the very decent stat to nothing, fun game DE 😈 pls keep killing fun i love it.... anyway another forum topic to submit by me for later 😑)

My point is, isn't new mission types always refreshing. Imagine if there are a lot more different mission objectives/mission play routes of the same types of missions like i give in the examples. Think about having two or three more different mission types of the same game mode. Like :

You select a capture invasion mission which you need to play it three times in order to get rewards right, but if you were to play different types of it instead of doing same thing over and over again, that would be much more enjoyable.

Example :

First time, game randomly gives you traditional mission type, where you need to capture the target by afflicting overkill damage but instead of murdering it horribly that target only crouched and waited to be taken. You completed it and hit ''repeat mission'' right.

Second time, game randomly gives you a mission type that differs from traditional one. Keyword is capture. Capture more than one target (prisoners for keeping / or for giving the faction who hired you) / steal a datamass from enemy / capture one of their big guns / capture their ship / steal their car / steal enemy commander's wife and daughter (probably not this, but i hope you get the idea) etc...

Third time, just like first or second time, because random.

My point is wouldn't something like this be refreshing in warframe. Same mission, different process.

In asteroid base sabotage, you sabotage their mining equipment so that grineer can't keep their business up right. Point is you do something that resulting they can't do their thing anymore, this is the idea. So why not come up with different routes that fit this idea. Plant explosives in asteroid base's air filtering system so that grineers can't work in there anymore so they will not be around for a while / sabotage their comms and their ships so they can't bring the goods they mine and will be lost for a while. etc...

Exterminate : exterminate some specific enemies less in number / exterminate hyena pack (these dudes should not be considered a boss anymore, they are regular enemies) / exterminate raptor prototypes (this dood too) / exterminate sergeant and his team(damn, corpus doesn't have that many boss missions don't they? there are salad v / jackal / razorback / okay im even consider ambulas as a boss but there are really a few compared to grineer) / exterminate some infested cacoons😫 (use your imagination, they will become ancient umbras once they got out of cacoons, i dunno i made it up, add new infested stuff pls). etc...

so yeah... that is the gist of my suggestion, about giving a feedback.

playing same old thing for so long makes it boring eventually. Different types of the same game modes already exist in game but they are really really really few in numbers. I hope this idea reach devs.

sorry if grammar mistakes, sho lah. 😗


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