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2 Railjack bugs: movement stucked and aiming turrets


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I report 2 of the issues I encountered plying Empyrean.

1. After I use the forward artillery the movement get stucked to the downward direction. I notice that when I go back to pilot the ship and it starts sinking down. I can easily revert that by rising upward with the X button, but here you are.

2. I don't think it's intended, but I could be wrong... Anyway, I noticed that differently from the "ground" aiming, when I aim with the turrets the movement of the scope is amplified; or, to be more correct, the absolute movement speed is the same, not the angular speed that is consequently expanded. Did that make sense? Well, long story short, the target circle moves too much, and the "bouncing movements" due to enemy hits, inaccuracy and so on are way too noticeable.  



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