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Nikana dax skin not working propperly


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So I have a zaw nikana with jai 2 link, zepfahn strike and plague akwin grip and for some reason every time i get out of arsenal the sheath just disappears and the only thing left is the blade which kind of makes the skin kind of useless

this is how its supposed to look


this is how it actually looks when i leave the arsenal


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Yeah not only that, when invisible the sheath of the Nikana when equipped on a Zaw Nikana doesn't turn fully invisible and will vanish sometimes as you stated as well.

That combined with the Blind Justice stance causing the Nikana to revolve in the Warframe's hand when you move from a standing pose to walking / sprinting. And the blade of the Nikana clipping outside of the sheath almost constantly (when you can see it).

It is pretty annoying, not going to lie.

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Bump, cross post from other thread on nikana zaw bugs



1: If you have your melee weapon set to not appear, the sheath will still be visible.

2: When you are in your arsenal, there will be a duplicate copy of the sheath that floats around your Warframe.

3: If you try to equip a sugatra, two of them will appear.

4: If you are in a mission with multiple weapons equipped, and you use your melee, the sheath will disappear for the rest of the mission, regardless of any weapon swaps you do. This does not occur if you go in with only your melee equipped.

5: If you equip it on a number of Warframes (so far I've seen it on Wisp, Frost Harka skin, Equinox Antonym skin, and Banshee Prime, though there may be other skins that are affected as well) the effect from  whatever element or elemental combination you have on the zaw will completely cover them. This does not occur with any other weapon or zaw (including other nikanas).


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