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Ideas for New Gauss Augments (Long Post)


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I love Gauss, but I wish he had some cool augments. In my opinion, augments are all about opening up new play styles and synergies within a Warframe’s kit. Here are some ideas for new augments where I just had some fun trying to create those new play styles and my reasoning behind them.

DISCLAIMER: All numerical values are arbitrary and only exist for theoretical purposes. If anything seems overpowered or under-powered, it is because I hate math almost as much as I hate nullifiers. Almost. Balancing suggestions are welcome!

Slipstream: Redline Augment. Allies in affinity? range when reaching 100% battery gain 50% (or 100%?) of buffs for 100% of remaining duration. For each buffed ally, 25%? of remaining Redline duration is added (includes self, so total bonus is 100%, but even solo you get a nice 25 percent duration boost). Allies can opt out of this buff with a backwards dodge roll. 

Encourages Gauss to play relatively around team to give benefits and buff his own duration. This lets Gauss act as more of a team player with his buffs while still being able to be as mobile as he needs to be. Once the buff is on your teammates, it lasts until the instance of Redline is ended, so no need to worry about camping near your team! Furthermore, this is team friendly because you can opt out of it like Volt's Speed or Limbo's Banish, in case you don't want to be firing and reloading at LUDICROUS SPEED. 


Kinetic Capacitor: Kinetic Plating augment. Damage absorbed while past the Redline is added to the seeking bolts emitted. When Kinetic Plating ends or is deactivated, the accumulated damage is released in a radial heat proc (base 10m radius). Proc could ignore LoS? Could it be balanced by making damage absorbed able to drain the overcharged battery from 100%, or is that excessive?

The added damage could be based on the type of damage absorbed. This means that you could add any of the damage types that are absorbable by Kinetic Plating, which makes the bolts a really nice extra AOE threat simply by running around--something Gauss players love to do. This augment still requires intelligent management of battery and damage taken, since the accuracy and frequency of the bolts is determined by battery level


Thermal Aggregate: Thermal Sunder augment. Thermal Sunder is limited to 4 instances, but can be recast, with the oldest instance being replaced. While past the Redline, every enemy affected by Thermal Sunder adds some duration to that instance of Thermal Sunder when it dies. Some percentage of enemy HP is added to the damage over time it does as well. Passive: +30% strength for Thermal Sunder.

This idea interests me because it represents a more defensive option for Gauss which is ideal for modes like Interception or Excavation. Setting up zones of damage and crowd control and then managing them fits Gauss’s gameplay loop in these modes, rewarding his dashing between objectives to keep his battery boosted. The passive on this augment makes it so that player's can choose to mod for range if they want to without crippling their Thermal Aggregate's damage output. On top of that, along the same lines as Limbo, increasing the duration of Thermal Sunder also replenishes its radius. So, much like a beautiful garden, the work you put into maintaining and fueling these 4 instances, the more goodness you get out of it. Except instead of fruits and veggies, it is thermal death. 


Mach Accretion: Mach Rush augment. Casting Mach Rush for at least 0.75 (possible one full second) seconds grants Gauss a short movement speed bonus (base 25% speed for 10 seconds) but can be refreshed. The speed bonus gained and duration is increased by longer casts of Mach Rush. The buff can reach a maximum of 75% for 30 seconds (not sure about the values here). Continuous Mach Rush casts add more duration and speed to the buff than short casts. Long casts might be harder to do, but worth it when you can pull it off because the bonus will be higher and last longer. Short casts allow for a quick burst of speed that is easy to pull off. 

This is a cool augment because it allows speed demons like me to drop Sprint Boost, Rush, and other sprint speed mods to open up more options for builds while keeping that blistering speed. I am unsure of whether or not this augment should scale with duration like his other abilities, because I’m afraid it would lead to some crazily unplayable speeds when you throw in other speed buff sources. The idea behind this augment is that you can consolidate all your speed mods into this augment, saving you some slots. This means that it constantly has to reward you with some movement speed, but I want to have to work for it a little bit. This is why the buff is based on finding clever opportunities to Mach Rush continuously for a nice enduring buff, but you also gain a respectable bonus from the ability's basic usage. So, the trade is losing permanence in speed buffs (from mods) in exchange for higher speed buffs that require a touch more management to optimize--exactly what Gauss is all about.


Thanks for taking the time to read my post! I had a lot of fun writing this, so I hope you enjoyed reading it. I would love to hear some feedback on these ideas, so suggestions and discussion are welcome!

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Certainly some interesting ideas.  But i'm not particularly fond of any of them enough to make them augments:

Suggestion 1)  This forces team play into his kit which a lot of people would like.  But I don't particularly think that needs to happen.  Plus it makes him stay in his maxed out state longer.  Which is frankly an insane buff that he really doesn't need.  However, if we were to add a forced ally benefit thing i'd rather some how tie that to his mach rush.  Maybe something like running into an object near by allies gives x sort of benefit.

Suggestion 2)  Buffing his seeking bolts is a fine idea as they're mostly a non factor.  However I don't think damage is really the way to go.  Not only is Gauss not really a direct damage frame but you have no control over the bolts and who they target.  It would be better to buff the amount of bolts he shoots and give them higher status procs of some sort instead.  The other issue here is this relies on Gauss getting hit for maximum effect.  Which could encourage people to not move around.

Suggestion 3)  I like the direction of this augment but not the given effect.  Damage as i've already covered isn't really his thing.  The problem with Gauss's thermal sunder is the fact that the proc of setting someone on fire or freezing them is only on initial cast.  any damage instance from the ring afterwords doesn't have the ability to proc either effect again.  It would just be a lot better to make the augment give his rings the ability to proc the status effect each damage instance.

Suggestion 4)  Is an okay suggestion.  I don't really have any qualms with the idea itself.  I just question the potential usage when he's already practically uncontrollable in non open world maps when using sprint boosting mods.  And I can appreciate the wanting to allivate some mod space.  But when you really don't need to mod for any sprint speed bonuses in the first place that's kinda meh.

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On 2020-01-29 at 4:16 AM, BruteInASuit said:

Thermal Aggregate: Thermal Sunder augment. Thermal Sunder is limited to 4 instances, but can be recast, with the oldest instance being replaced. While past the Redline, every enemy affected by Thermal Sunder adds some duration to that instance of Thermal Sunder when it dies. Some percentage of enemy HP is added to the damage over time it does as well. Passive: +30% strength for Thermal Sunder.

So this is interesting until that last sentence, the Passive +30% Strength. I have to ask why? Thermal Sunder's damage scales of Strength, but Thermal Sunder's desired game play effects do not, they scale off his Battery to have guaranteed effects regardless of Ability Strength.

Thermal Sunder is best used for Crowd Control once you get past the point of the damage actually being useful, for either the panic proc or the freeze. The most important part of the ability for actually scaling Gauss up is the fact that Redlining it will actually create a 100% Armour Strip on enemies, instantly making all damage more effective.

Even your Augment uses it more for the Crowd Control and killing the enemy can be done by any means as long as they're still affected by the ability. It'll scale up its damage far, far better from the scaling enemy HP than it would from that 30% Strength too.

Basically, the effect you're looking for doesn't need Strength to achieve, as an example none of my Gauss builds actually have more than Neutral ability Strength (since even Kinetic Plating only scales up it's damage reduction via Strength from 84% DR at Nuetral to 90% DR when you reach 250% Strength when the Battery is non-redlined, and your DR will always get to 100% if you max Redline regardless).

So I kind of question the logic of including this.

Why not have that Passive instead be something like +20% Battery Efficiency for Thermal Sunder, or +30% Range? Similar in fact to Mag's Augment for her 2, which not only allows her to de-cast the ability, but buffs the Range so that both the bubble's 'pull' field and the explosion after you dispel it hits more enemies.

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