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Concepts for Wisp Augments


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I absolutely love Wisp. In my opinion, she is one of the best designed, strongest and most versatile frames in the game right now. She can easily accomplish almost every mission in the game solo, yet she also has so much to offer when supporting a team. The biggest reason for Wisp's versatility and strength, to me, are the synergies and interactions within her base kit. While each of Wisp's abilities is strong and useful by itself, making the most of the synergies between her abilities allows a good Wisp player to accomplish much more than each of her abilities on their own would allow. I have spent a lot of time thinking about possible augments for Wisp that enhance the synergies within her kit without completely nullifying her weaknesses. Here are some of my ideas for augments that I would like to see for Wisp.


1st Ability- Reservoir Overflow:

Description: In addition to buffing Wisp and her allies, enemies that enter a reservoir's area of effect are debuffed while they remain within the radius of the ability, and for a time after they leave. Each type of reservoir applies a different effect. The range of the augment is the same as the base ability, and the duration of the debuff after an enemy leaves the area of effect is half of the base ability's duration. An enemy that re-enters the radius of the ability has its debuff duration refreshed.

Vitality mote: Any enemy that enters the radius of the ability has its health/armour reduced by 15/20/25%. The reduction % is affected by power strength.

Haste mote: Any enemy that enters the radius of the ability has their movement speed, attack speed and fire rate slowed by 10/20/30%. The slow % is affected by power strength.

Shock mote: Up to 1/3/5 enemies within the radius of the ability receive an electric proc every 3 seconds. The number of enemies that receive the proc is affected by power strength.

Reasoning: One of the most powerful aspects of Wisp's first ability is how much area she can affect with her reservoirs. With infinite duration and no need to be within a certain range of the reservoirs for them to work, this means that Wisp can effectively cover an entire defense/interception/ excavation map with support for her allies. These supportive effects are effective damage reduction, increased DPS, and a small amount of CC. This augment doubles down on these effects, but in a more offensive manner that gives Wisp a large amount of area control; her Vitality mote now also provides a technical DPS increase due to enemies having lower HP/armour, her Haste mote provides effective damage reduction due to the movement/attack speed slow, and the Shock mote provides even more CC in a localised area.

I tried to make sure none of the numbers for this ability were too overpowered, which is why the duration of the augment is half of the base ability duration. The values for the strength of each mote was chosen with a Wisp build of around 300% power strength in mind, but they might have to be changed to be more balanced. I was also not sure if the Vitality mote should reduce health or armour, so feedback on these areas would be welcome.


2nd Ability Idea #1- Unnamed:

Description: When cast, Wisp leaves behind a spectral image of herself to confuse and distract enemies, and gains 20% additional movement speed. Reactivate to teleport to its position. Hold to instead gain 35% movement speed and teleport to its position on release. The duration of the augment is affected by duration mods and the movement speed buff is affected by power strength.

Reasoning: I'm not too much of a fan of this augment, however I have seen quite a few people on the forums asking for DE to rework Wisp's 2 ability into something like this, and I thought it would be a good idea to implement it as an augment instead. As with the first augment, feedback on the strength/duration scaling of this augment would be welcome. Overall I prefer my next concept for Wisp's 2 augment, but some people may think it is a bit overpowered so I thought I should include this idea as well.


2nd Ability Idea #2- Dancing Lights:

Description: While Will-O-Wisp is active, each enemy Wisp kills adds 1 second to the remaining duration of Wisp's invisibility. This effect is doubled for enemies killed while under the effect of Breach Surge. The number of seconds added is affected by duration mods.

Reasoning: This is my preferred of the two proposed augments for Wisp's 2. Wisp's base 2nd ability is useful for 3 scenarios: to cross large areas that Wisp would be unable to cross normally (eg. Corpus or Grineer Spy lasers), to increase the area covered by Wisp's 3rd ability, and to give Wisp a useful invisibility that doesn't break when she shoots a gun. As the base ability is already great for the first scenario, I tried to think of good ways to enhance the usefulness of Wisp's 2nd ability in the other 2 scenarios. Something that I thought of while trying to think of a good augment for this ability is that it does not actively benefit from being used with Wisp's other abilities. This led me to focus on trying to increase the effectiveness of the invisibility itself, and create a meaningful synergy with Wisp's 3rd ability.

I was thinking of adding some incentive to reactivating the ability to teleport to your clone, such as an increased duration on the invincibility period after the switch, or a radial burst of radiation damage based on the duration left. I decided not to include either idea, it seemed a little too powerful for an augment that already provides potentially unlimited invisibility.


3rd Ability- Surge Repeater:

Description: Reservoirs that are hit by a Breach surge release a surge of their own. The range of the surge is the same as the range of the original surge, and can trigger a surge from other reservoirs. A reservoir can only trigger one surge per actual ability cast. An enemy hit by two or more breach surges doubles the blind duration and spark chance.

Reasoning: This is a pretty simple augment, with no direct scaling from any mods. However, it is very powerful, as it increases Wisp's ability to control an area. With smart placement of Wisp's 6 reservoirs one ability cast can lock down entire sections of a tileset, and increase Wisp's potential DPS with the bonus spark chance. Overall, I think this is my favourite of all my proposed augments for Wisp, even with how simple it is.


4th Ability- Elemental Gate:

Description: Reservoirs hit by Sol Gate are charged with elemental energy for 4/7/10 seconds. While charged, the ground within the radius of a charged reservoir radiates elemental energy, dealing 100/125/150 (doubled if the reservoir was hit with a boosted Sol Gate) damage per half-second to enemies standing on it. Each type of reservoir is charged with a different element, has a 10% chance to proc that element's status effect on each tick of damage, and also has a 100% chance to produce a spark from any enemies affected by Breach Surge within the radius of the reservoir. Hitting a reservoir with Sol Gate again refreshes the duration of the effects. The damage and status chance of this augment are affected by power strength mods, the duration is affected by duration mods, and the radius of the affected area is the same as the radius of Wisp's reservoirs.

Vitality mote: deals heat damage and applies heat status.

Haste mote: deals corrosive damage and applies corrosive status.

Shock mote: deals radiation damage and applies radiation status.

Reasoning: Out of all of Wisp's abilities, I like Wisp's 4th ability the least. While it isn't a bad ability by any means, and it synergises well with the rest of her kit, I do not find myself compelled to use it much, and for this reason I found myself struggling to think of a good augment for this ability. After making concepts for the other three abilities, I realised why I'm not necessarily a fan of Wisp's big laser. To me, the role that Wisp thrives most in is area control. By this I mean that Wisp is especially good at picking a spot, and then manipulating what happens in that area. Wisp's 1st ability makes herself and allies more potent when they stick close to her reservoirs. Her 3rd ability locks down enemies in an area and opens them up to bonus damage. Her 2nd ability enhances her 3rd ability while at the same time distracting enemies, making her invisible and also giving her invincibility for 3 seconds if she reactivates it. However, Wisp's 4th ability doesn't really fit this role.

This augment still allows Wisp's 4th ability to put out some good damage with its beam, but also gives it the ability to cover a larger area with a damage over time effect. The status procs give it a bit more utility and the spark chance is consistent with the rest of the ability. It also synergises effectively with the other three proposed augments, something I am extremely proud of. As with the first augment, most of the numbers here could need to be changed to be something more balanced. I also considered capping the amount of reservoirs able to deal damage to each enemy (eg. An enemy can only be damaged by one reservoir at a time, multiple reservoirs can apply their status' to an enemy at a time).


Conclusion/ Final Thoughts:

If you have read this far, I thank you. I hope that this proposal was easy to read and understand. If there are any parts that I have not explained myself properly, or if you have any feedback, criticism or other ideas for augments, I would love to hear them.

Thank you again for reading!

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Was just coming to the forum to post my own concepts for Wisp Augments, but first feedback!


1st Ability- Reservoir Overflow:

I like the idea but think it could easily step on toes when it comes to crowd control or weakening that other frames are good at.

2nd Ability Idea #1- Unnamed:

Not a huge fan of the idea, reminds me of Tracer's recall from overwatch. Since I use her number 2 almost always for manoeuvring, its not one I'd use.

2nd Ability Idea #2- Dancing Lights:

This one could be interesting, would like to see something like it in action.

3rd Ability- Surge Repeater:

Nice and simple, I like it! Would be nice to use when defending on a interception or other map with chokepoints.

4th Ability- Elemental Gate:

I'm a big fan of the ability myself, love the feeling of shining the sun on enemies to quickly erode away tough opponents. Some synergy with Reservoirs would be nice though and supercharging them with the gate sounds fun. Another tweak to this idea would be that while shining the gate on a Reservoir, it turns the whole reservoir into a void gate, blasting Sol power to all inside the zone and destroying the reservoir once the ability ends. 



For my own ideas:

1st Ability - Greater Reservoir

Description: Reservoirs are placed twice the size, with double base strength and range but a maximum of two available to place. Changing Reservoir mode changes all existing Reservoirs to force a choice between mode. 

2nd Ability - Fleeting Visions

Description: The speed of Wil-O-Wisp is always the 'held' speed without the power key needing to be held. By holding the power key you will be teleported to its position on impact with a surface or duration expiry. 

2nd Ability Idea 2 - Repeating Visions

Description: When Wil-O-Wisp hits a surface it will rebound, to continue bouncing around the area. When teleported to, the ability is automatically re-cast at half power cost. 

3rd Ability - Reservoir Surge

Description: Using Breach Surge will also grant nearby allies with copies of any active Reservoirs you currently have, and refresh the duration of any Reservoirs. 

4th Ability - Greater Gate

Description: Wisp becomes the gate, enveloping herself with the power of the sun. The size of the beam is the size of her, damaging her in the process of its use, lowering her max health the longer the power is used.

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Wisp is a fine frame but she's plagued by clunky animations on crucial abilities, like many other frames.(Ember Inferno, Garuda Dread Mirror/Bloodseeker etc)

The most annoying thing with her motes is the game encourages you to use all 3 at once but then make you have to drop one at a time just to make you suffer that much more.

I'd rather have something that dropped all 3 motes at once over any number change.

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