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Open/close the roof window in Orbiter


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Hi, i've seen many people talking about this. Can we please get an option to close the roof window in the Orbiter to look the same as it looked before? Personally i don't like it at all, the window is too large and open, there's too much brightness and it creates weird shadows and colors. It used to look great before when it was dark, it was cozy and it kinda felt safe and secure. But now it feels too exposed, i always feel like somebody's watching me 😎 We don't need the animation for opening/closing the window, just switch between old and new roof.
I spent 270 plat on two bundles of carpets and half an hour trying to decorate and cover the window, but it was a waste. Still not enough carpets to cover, and it's difficult to place them properly. And you can't choose colors separately, have to buy them all. All posters and displays are too small to use them. Now my orbiter looks like a street market in India, Sri Lanka or Pakistan. (no offense to those countries, they are beautiful on their own but not for Warframe)

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At this point I would pay a bit of plat to have the old Orbiter back, I don't know what I hate more about the new one. The textures, the lighting, or the crude looking devices in it.  The forge is just a bad joke now, and interacting with the pet station is a lag fest of delayed animations and sounds. 

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I would very much enjoy this feature along with a button mounted on one of the walls to open and close the shutter. It would also be awesome to see the bow of the Railjack as it is docked with the Orbiter (or at the very least, to get a glimpse when walking down the ramp to the armory). 

Lastly, it would be nice to get a new appearance for the cockpit to coincide with the newer appearance of the main hold. It’s odd to just release only part of the ship with an updated appearance. 

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