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Make Your Own Master Race


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We all know Loki is the OBVIOUS master race, Banshee a close second, but let's make your own.


You have 4 skills, you get the choice of deciding what helmet you want on *Alternate helmet can also be included*, and body from another frame.



Loki Essence Helmet (Submarine)

Rhino Body


Slash Dash



Radial Disarm


What are your creations?

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Saryn Clora Helmet

Rhino Body



Iron Skin




I would pull everyone then charge kill them with galatine, while taking 0 damage from toxics/etc and dealing damage to whoever is around me. If there are too many i would put them in stasis and keep charging. 


Master race Rhino.

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Even Silence?


If so, then you love banshee more than I. The only reason I didn't say purely Banshee was because it would have been unoriginal.

Silence is kinda fun on the occasion that you want to do a stealth run. Putting of a full clip of Boar into a Gineer without his buddies noticing is strangely satisfying. 


Plus in most cases it will give you an extra slot for passives, which is AWESOME

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