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Warframe Concept. Arashi the Cloud god


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Energy: 150

Health: 185

Shield: 75


Passive:Arashi will gain a 5% Speed boost per enemies with Gas proc


Ability 1/Gust

   An exalted primary weapon. Arashi will form a large pouch from his back filled with air, containing 150 ammo. The Primary fire is fully automatic, and the secondary fire is an explosive gas cloud that drains 10 ammo. The reload animation will suck in air filling the bag, and will also pull in enemies in a 5m radius, and if the reload was activated after the full clip was emptied the vacuum will reach 15m. (Not affected by Ability range)


Ability 2/Calling

  Arashi will spawn 7 gas clones that follow enemies, sticking on them and explode after 7 seconds. Explosion will proc gas, and if the user is 5 meters near the explosion, they will gain invisibility for 12 seconds with no mods.



  Arashi spawns drums and a gas clone that stay in one spot and will continuously hit those drums giving AOE buffs or Croud control. These clones have health and it is scaled on Power str and health on the frame(like Wukong’s clone). This ability has 3 different choices. The first will give an AOE Electricity effect that slowly strips armor. And the second will give a 20% damage and speed buff on Melee. All lasting 15 seconds(without mods)(can only cast one drum at a time). If the clone is killed during the duration that it is activated, the user will have 8 seconds of Invincibility and if you kill 10 enemies in those 8 seconds, you will be granted a 50% health and 65% Damage Reduction boost, but on the other hand, if you fail to get 10 kills, the user will be affected by a Viral proc but will gain 35% damage buff. (choice between full Tank, or glass canon)


Ability 4/Thunderclap

  Arashi’s second Exalted weapon. Arashi will manifest a set of drums for himself, and will wield 2 Drum Sticks, and each strike on the drums will cause a radial wave of electricity that has a 4m range(12x combo will increase the range to 16m) and the last hit of each attack combination will do a slam attack. Heavy attack will shoot out lighting that will cause a chain of Electricity damage(similar to Volt’s discharge)(affected by ability duration) A finisher will release an AOE electric shockwave that opens enemies in a 5m radius to be opened to finishers (not affected by range or combo multiplier).


All stats are represented with 0 mods

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