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A Way To See How Much Xp Needed To Next Level


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Ok, so let me talk about levels.

Let's begin with mastery.

That's our big level that lets us use higher level gear and generally makes us look buff.

You can tell how much more xp you need till the next mastery by going to your profile.


Weapon/Warframe levels.

That's our equipment level and unlocks mod space.

How much xp till next level? Half ish... Quarter ish... Tenth of bar.

I literally never have any idea how much xp is left till my gear levels up.


In the previous UI, there was a small blue bar. It was bad for giving exact numbers, but I could get an idea.

In the new UI, there is a TINY orange bar. I don't even know if it's representative of level progress, but it's impossible to draw a number from it.


Could we please have a simple x/x, or simply x remaining attached to each piece of equipment?

Maybe it already exists and I'm being silly.

Anyway, suggestion.

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