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Garuda in the sunset


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6 hours ago, (XB1)Red Dough Boy said:

Very cool, bit gnarly when you think about her washing off blood and gore in the water though. 


If I can make a request, can I get Ivara being cute and stealing stuff from other Warframes/ enemies? I always picture her taking people's wallets, but giving them back eventually. 

In a way that's close to an old comic I made of Ivara here

Not quite cute, I know, but her being sneaky and being silly

Also another comic I made of the sneaky frame being sneaky here

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21 hours ago, TearsOfTomorrow said:

Honestly Ivara strikes me as more of a serious, no-nonsense huntress. The cute, light-hearted "hoppity hopity I'm taking your property" sounds like it would be more of a Whisp thing.

Most everyone I know mentions how thick Wisp is, and she produces a Sunbeam so I wouldn't say cute that much. Her small bit of energy she makes and the way she giggles is cute though. Ivara while being serious is rather squishy so that's why I see her as cuter than Warframes like Garuda or Valkyr. 

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