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Dev Workshop - Kuva Lich Changes Coming Soon™ PART 2

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To clarify: it's not a permanent debuff (at least, the damaged warframe thing). You finish the mission, run the frame through the foundry, fix the missing arm / missing head / whatever. Frames are biomachines, they can be fixed, and Ordis knows how. But the lich put you there and cost you something real. If it disabled your warframe so you had to finish the mission as an operator, that's a serious punishment. If it rendered you unable to use a two-handed weapon for the rest of the mission, that's a major blow.

Still, on second thought, maybe it would be better if the lich seriously messed up your fashion frame until you killed it. Maybe they steal your syandana and wore it around their neck. Or put an unremovable stripe of garish color on you as a mark, showing they can play with you any time they want. Randomize your colors and you can't fix it until you defeat them. Perhaps cause a clipping issue with weapon grips, or forced you to use the default skin and colors.

In fact, yes. Each of those could be the result of a failed stab. 

People would go beast mode in the pursuit of revenge.


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Nice changes thus far, as for additions to Part 3, i'd like to suggest thinking about the following:

1) Add specific Lich Nodes in Railjack

Add a specific node on Earth/Saturn/Veil Railjack missions where your Lich would be 100% of time time (similar mission as the commander bosses on galleons).

The Earth node would be a Lv 1-2 Lich's ship, Saturn node a Lv.3-4 Lich and the Veil node would house the Lv.5 Lich. Also, the thralls that spawn on these nodes would be worth 2-3x more murmer value than a normal missions thralls.

2) Larvlings

Killing a Lich Larvling with a primary weapon would mean that they can only birth with a primary weapon. Killing them with a secondary they could only birth with a secondary weapon and a melee with a melee.

This would help lessen the RNG a slight bit as now that we have even more weapons addded to the possible pools, the same situarion will occour pretty quickly where people will bet bored of farming larvlings running a mission 20-30 times to get a larvling with the specific weapon they are farming to aquire/upgrade.

3) Parazon

A. Hovering over the "Known requirements" says the name of the requiem, can we get this effect on the history list on our mod screen too.

B. If we attempt to kill the Lich, but the mod we have equipped is one of the 3 needed mods, but in the wrong order, give it an indication so that we know it is needed, just in the wrong order. EG: glow yellow = succesful, red = failed, glowing (like peculiar mods) = wrong order.




Also: what happened to Peculiar mods? Wern't we going to get more added into ESO as time went on?

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