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(XB1) Update 27.1 Status: Live!


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2 hours ago, (XB1)Veytok said:

and theyre working on cross-save instead of cross play with PS4 lol

Crossplay between XB1 and PS4, as great as it would be for both communities, isn't logistically possible. Having your service be conjoined at the hip with two seperate corporate entities (one of which doesn't like playing nice with others) who both have their own certification processes would make keeping that service running 24/7 not a 100% guarantee. From the perspective of a company trying to provide a constant service, anything that could remove control over whether your service works or not is a non-option. If they could compartmentalize crossplay, maybe only in certain Relay instances for trading; that would be a lot less risky.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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