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Things we can do at End Game


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Warframe right now is really just a solo game. Farm, grind, get better. All alone. 
Conclave -> I love warframe's movement and combat and it's really just not being utilized well against AI. It is so much better to test our movement and skills against real players but we can't because conclave has stale maps and op warframes scare people away. I know weapons and frames are unbalanced but maybe we can have new frames/loadouts solely for Conclave? Like, let everyone use every warframe in conclave for a more fair pvp battle? Or maybe strip warframe abilities completely and make it so they can only be used as fashion.

Not only that, more competitive game modes such as Archwing/Hoverboard races, a Dead by Daylight game mode, or maybe just more random PVP game modes like one bullet one kill, defend missions against real players where both sides have something to defend, infected - where once you died you become infected and must kill the tenno.
I think this is the only way people will have something to do during end game.

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