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Ostanes - The Alchemical Warframe


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Who doesn't love alchemy? The tearing apart of elements to create new ones.

That's why Ostanes, Named after ancient iranian alchemist, would be awesome. Ostanes focuses on leveling the playing field, and turning the enemies advantages aginst them.

(I had this idea awhile back, but I wasn't sure if it fit with the lore. But then Nekros came along and i said "screw it!")



Health:  90 (270 at rank 30)

Shields: 95 (285 at rank 30)

Energy: 150 (225 at rank 30)

Speed: 1.1

Armour: 50



Created through extensive Tenno High-Counil reaserch, Ostanes uses adavnced nano-bots to change the chemical compostion of foes, with deadly results.



1:Alchemic Swarm: Ostanes realease a swarm of nano-bots onto an enemy, which proceed to slowly tear away at their armor an atomic level. Single target, does small DOT damage and reduces armor by 15/25/35/45%.


2:Equivalent exchange: Ostanes surrounds himself in nano-bots, which tear away at any bullets as they hit, converting them to energy, while reducing damage. For 5/10/15/20 seconds, you take 5% less damage from bullet weapons, and 25% of all bullets that hit converted to 10/12/14/16 energy.


3:Alchemical Circle: Ostanes nano-bots form a ring around him, slowly converting any enemies within into pure energy, until releasing that energy as a shockwave at the end. Any enemy withing 2/4/6/8 meters of Ostanes take DOT damage. After 2/4/6/8 seconds, the circle release a shockwave of damage equivalent to 30% damage done to enemies by the circle. Think a mixture of emeber's overheat and nyx's absorb, but with no damage reduction


4:Taboo: Ostanes nano-bots become supercharged, ignoring the laws of equivalent exchange, and leap from one enemy to the next, tearing them apart molecule by molecule. Single target. Does high damage over time, and removes 30/40/50/60% of the affected foes armor. If any enemy goes within 5 meters of the affected target, then the nano-bots will spread to it at 10/8/4/2% reduced damge. This effect can continue jumping to new enemies until the damage becomes 0, allowing it to be chained


So, thats my idea, I'd be really interested on what you guys think, whether its stats/abilities should be nerfed/buffed, so leave a comment. 


TL;DR: Alchemist warframe who's abilities focus on turning situtations completely around.


EDIT: Taking your opinions, I edited 1, changed 2 completely, and replaced "Chimera" with "Taboo".

Edited by fullmetalpanda21
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theres no originality to the skills.... it all seems like a rip off of some other warframe skills, but just dressed up and named differently....


while alchemy is a nice theme, try to make the skills do something different. try to make sure it doesnt mesh with other skills of similar powers. the second and fourth ability for example. it is just a rip off of nekros.


the first skill seems overpowered because not only are you applying DoT to a target, youre also debuffing armor, while buffing your teammate's armor. rather it just do DoT and debuff armor and thats it. Just like how Saryn's Venom skill was nerfed so that it wasn't so overpowered, the first skill basically should be too powerful.


the range on the third skill is too short. a flux rifle can hit 20m at most. the range you suggested is about as short as an embolist range.


thats about it.

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