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Kuva weapon bonus should be shown in more places than just the codex

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when i get a new kuva lich i like do decide as early as possible as to whether i want to vanquish/convert them.
The main thing i base this on is whether or not their weapon is better than the one i already possess.
To check this, however, i need to:

  1. find the version i already own
  2. remember the name
  3. go into the codex and find the lich who gave it to me
  4. check the bonus percentage on their profile screen
  5. compare it to the bonus percentage on the new lich's screen

OR if i have transferred valence to the weapon in the past i actually need to manually work out the bonus damage with a calculator and compare THAT to the new one (unless i remember the name of the kuva lich that donated its damage bonus), but that relies on whether or not i remember that i have actually done that in the past.

Instead it would be much better to display the weapon's current damage bonus in a few other places:

  1. on the equip screen (in the same place zaws/kitguns/amps show their parts),
  2. on the upgrade screen (in the same place the paracesis shows its sentient damage bonus),
  3. and in the inventory tooltip (currently the only tooltip that actually shows this is the one in the valence transfer screen, but by then you have already vanquished the lich)

Additionally, if a duplicate of the weapon is already owned, a "compare weapon" button on the kuva lich's profile screen would be excellent as well

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