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Wear and Tear to: Warframes/Sentinels/Landing Craft/Weapons


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While both the Railjack and the new Orbiter have the luxury of having a battle-damaged aesthetic via slider, perhaps the Warframes, Sentinels, Landing Crafts, and even weapons could have their own slider as well. Even the rest of the Orbiter (including the redesigned Arsenal room) could be affected as well. 

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7 hours ago, Xaero said:

Would be nice. But we should also be able to completely remove all scratches, which is currently impossible. I want my Orbiter and Railjack perfectly clean.

Amen, I also would like some of my skins restored from last fall myself to the way they used to be prior to this wear and tear trend.  Namely Khora, Nyx Deluxe and Octavia Deluxe

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