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[PS4] Kingdom Bound. Come Join Our Gaming Family!


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Kingdom Bound is a Christian Gaming Clan. In Kingdom Bound we build bonds with one another and consider each other apart of the family, and because of that we always have fun in what we do. 

Kingdom Bound is a fairly “new” clan. We’re a Ghost Clan with about 5 active members who pop on occasionally, but we’re constantly looking for ways to grow and improve. Most of our research is complete aside from Dojo colors, one or two Archwings, and a small handful of weapons, so if you're new to the game or are a low Mastery you'll be able to find plenty of opportunity to level up. 

We accept any Mastery Rank, whether you're new or a veteran. Those who are active have been playing for awhile and have plenty of knowledge to teach. 

Everyone in Kingdom Bound communicates through Discord. In Discord we try to update our channels in coherence with what's popular in the group, and we also have several dedicated channels for scripture and prayer to help encourage and support each other. 

If you have any questions or are interested in joining comment, DM me, or send me a message on PSN! We hope you become apart of our gaming family! God bless!!


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