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Railjack Endless Mission: Warzone


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This would need the Corpus to be introduced to be implemented.

But the concept is as follows:

  • Corpus and Grineer are fighting a large scale battle, you and your Railjack get stack in the middle of it to take advantage of it. Maybe gather intel or resources.
  • Enemies endlessly spawn, maybe a Galeon and an Obelisk are in the area.
  • Your Objective: enter enemy ships (Doesnt need to be the Capital Ships) and steal their intel, flying amidist the debries and ship corpses, being one extra target in the struggle of the warring factions.
  • Each Intel you gather from every 2 ships is a Rotation.
    • Now, I decided to make this interesting, you have 2 different pools of rewards. 1 for the Corpus and 1 for the Grineer. Get intel from 2 Corpus ships, you get a Reward from the Corpus pool, get Intel from 2 grineer ships? Reward from the Grineer pool, so maximize rewards, you will want to go after both.
    • It wont be easy, the ships are LEAVING the area, you have to be fast, but like the Excavation, the only failure state is you losing all revives or the Railjack being destroyed. BUT there is a way to end the mission, which I will list bellow.
    • IF, big IF, Cy detects something inside the Capital Ships, the reward will have bigger bonuses, like a 2x the reward. But it will be optional.
  • Ending the Mission:
    • Enemy level steadly increases with rotations, but if you grab the Corpus intel? The Grineer might increases and vice-versa. Grab only from the Corpus and the mission will eventually end, because once it reaches a treshhold, the losing team issue a retreat and Cy will encourage you to leave as the ships are now focusing on YOU. So, if you want to stay as long as possible, get them both.
    • After the 1st Rotation, Nav will be open for you to leave whenever you want.
    • And If individual extraction is implemented, the Tenno wishing to leave can. AND someone else can just join you, as with any curent RJ mission where the mission is about to end and we get "X has joined the squad".

This could also work in the Invasion gamemode, but instead of siding with none like in Crossfire missions, a faction will be on your side and, in this case, it wont be an endless missions since it will be Mission Complete once the enemy forces leaves.

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9 hours ago, Vharu said:

Yeh, I like the idea of an endless 'dogfight' for space - but I'm not sure about the finer points regarding what I imagine is the substitute for excav/life support features in traditional endless modes. 

It would need to be something that has the player get out of the Railjack since the gamemode is a mix of AW/Ground/RJ combat. So, in that vein, your Objective would be in the Crewships.

9 hours ago, Vharu said:

I'm kinda brain storming as I write here - but I feel we could use 'Void storms' as a key feature. Maybe have waves of the void storm run over large areas of the map that require avoiding. Or instead of having a 'intel' gathering feature, have something like a 'trade route' disruption - this would lean away from spy mission feel to a more battle-aggressive feel. 

That would work for a Defensive type, but if the storms that will be implemented are similar to what Steve said (Being hazardous), then MAYBE we could use it to open Relics as well?

9 hours ago, Vharu said:

So basically... trade ships supported by fighter ships are trying to get to an objective point, this is being fought against by another faction. All while void storms are sweeping through at various times. This gives players an option to support either faction by assisting in getting the trade ships to their location - navigating the other faction and void storms, or they can defend the objective and take down trade ships by force or extra loot by capture. 

This could work if it was a pre-set mission, because I dont think it would make much sense if you went "Grab this Corpus shipment then protect the next one and do the same with the Grineer".

But we could make it so the ship we are protecting is a civilian one, I think I discussed this in chat. We making a temporary safe route for civilian/smuglers/Solaris and the Corpus/Grineer are trying to stop us.

The civilian ship has its own crew, it can be boarded, we have to use our own Revolite to repair it, the civilian crew can die and the ship can be destroyed. We escort them to safety at one point in the map and they vanish (Round 1 done), You chose if you want to continue providing a different route for our allies or leave. Chose to keep at it, another ship comes (Round 2 begins).

Maybe get bonus like we do with the drone bounties (X never goes bellow 50% or something like that).

10 hours ago, Vharu said:

Think about Eido's - so capturing a trade ship could yield different rewards for then 'escorting the whole trade ship back to a separate capture point, or they can hack it and steal cache loot before blowing it up, or they can just blow it up without capture or hacking. The outcome of everything then builds towards a secondary mission like Formain Reactors or Corpus Raptors - but instead have MASSIVE capital ships. 

All of this makes sense contextually - a trade route, preventing trade, capturing goods, void storms, and blow back of larger reinforcement. What I'd like to see different though, is that mission failure is not possible, rather you have a gradient of that which you are effective or not at reducing or contributing to what Faction launches their massive capital ship reinforcement. All of this gives players a choice to be a big or small factor - and rewarded based on their significance in influencing the outcome.  

If we do this against factions, we would have to do a priority list and threat level.

Imagine we have 3 types of ships in the sector: Crap, Good and BOYA.

We begin the mission with our threat level at 0.

Get Crap ship, threat doesnt raise much, we got Crap after all.

Get a Good, Threat level raises quiet a bit.

Get BOYA, threat level say "You wut m8?!"

And it keeps rising and it has thresholds, the higher you are in the level, the better rewards and more powerful enemies until they send a Galleon/Obelisk on your ass.

You want to reset the threat level? There are radio stations around transmiting what is happening (we see those indestructable suckers around asteroids), destroy them and lay low for a bit.


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On 2020-01-31 at 12:08 PM, Vharu said:



Mission types you envisioned sound pretty cool actually. Not sure if the execution of such game modes would be possible but it's something that would surely be interesting and fun to play, at least in my opinion.


One thing I am sure of, connection of various "content islands" through Squad Link or rewards would be game changer and huge boost in overall gameplay experience in Warframe.

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