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Equipment> sentinel display


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Before sentinel was displayed under warframe and weapons which was perfectly fine.

Now that sentinel is at another page, it's hard to notice that the slot is empty, once I put my dog/cat to sleep.

Many times, only when I end up in the mission without sentinel did I realize the fact.

The re-make is just counter intuition and I hope the UI of sentinel can be displayed together with warframe, or at least a warning that you are without sentinel.

Thank you.

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I think reverting it to the way it was before is a bit difficult, given just how many items there are to fit in one menu. The current organization schema wouldn't play that nice with that many items on a single page.

What might help is a "main menu page" on the arsenal that collates items into a comma-separated list in that one box. It would give an overview of what a player has equipped, and clicking on respective boxes would transition to that equipment tab.


Warframe - Wukong
Weapons - Nikana Prime, Kuva Brakk, Kuva Karak
Archwing - Amesha, Cyngas
Companion - Tommy the Cat Engine, Sweeper Prime
Operator - Naramon, Amp-Name-Here
Parazon - Requiem Mods list here

Bonus points can be garnished by adding a "Syndicate" tab that skips to the sigils page, giving players an easier way to check and swap Syndicates. It'd fit.

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I like gear wheel and vehichles being their own slots...

But pets DEFINATELY need to be back on your warframe tab.

I have like 10-15 warframe loadouts.... Basicly one per frame.   I switch frames ALOT when im playing.   And now I am constantly going into battle minus a pet.

The lack of a pet makes me blind af cuz thats my only radar,   and it also takes away a healing method.  Not to mention dps.  And this crap should not be happening....

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