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A couple drawings of mine

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I figure I'd post these here, sooo... :V 

I don't have a whole lot right now, since I'm busy working (and playing Warframe when I'm not working, d'ohoho!), but here we go. 


Darvo and (my) Wisp, with a cameo by Baro Ki'Teer. A doodle for fun.




The first ever WF fan art I've done, and it's Darvo! tbbh I'm not a huge fan of this one anymore, but I think I'm getting a better hang of drawing him now, haha. 


(In case you couldn't tell, Darvo is my favorite character/NPC, haha)

Thanks for looking!

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2 minutes ago, LoneWolveYoutube said:

Wisp do be lookin kinda cute tho.🙈😳

Hehe, thank you!! She's my main girl. ❤️ I definitely want to do a drawing with her (at some point) again!

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Warframe is one of those things that inspires so many ideas for me to draw... unfortunately, my right wrist (also my dominant/drawing hand, ofc) has been hurting BAD lately. Like, searing pain after a couple minutes of drawing a rough sketch, and this one took me all day to finish. D; I got a brace coming, though!

Anyhow, here's an alternate outfit idea for Darvo, because why not:


I know feathers are not part of the Corpus aesthetic (so spare me the lore breaky lectures, lmao), but I don't think he'd care so long as it looks cool and gets him more sales. XP

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