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Consider adding a Hold Sensitivity slider for controller buttons


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There  was a reply from Rebb stating that the "Hold for Melee Heavy Attack" is going away:

I... don't really like that. For PC players, I'm sure it's fine, but for me, as a console user, it's very annoying for me to use the R stick for heavy attacks. I realize that not a lot of people liked having the ability to hold the button due to the game not recognizing that you're not actually holding the button, though. So please consider having a "Hold Sensitivity" slider for those that still want to hold to preform a melee attack (I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants this).

Besides, for accessibility reasons, this is needed for those who aren't able to press keys and buttons as quickly as the average gamer.

(Just to clarify, I'm not against the toggle. In fact, I believe that the toggle should be there and I'm happy that DE has considered doing so. But I think that, for those who actually liked the ability to have one button to deal with regular and heavy attacks, they can continue to be able to play in that way.)

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They've learned definitively that none of the present approaches resolved it feeling right. Stepping back to a system they already know wasn't quite there yet, will cause the exact same problem it aims to solve. A toggle, bind to secondary mapping, and held heavy sensitivity slider is the only way to properly address the spectrum of present concerns in full, and permanently. It may be cheaper to do this for now, and please more people immediately.. and I can understand and respect that. However, It's also, "kicking the can down the road," requiring them to pay again to update it later, as they attempt to make melee feel right.

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