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The Next Level of Warframe?


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In this file you will find the next big update, following the New War installment. Make some tea, sit back, relax..and Dive On In:
The Matchmaker

In an effort to possibly incorporate Open World Space Exploration, while alleviating Host migration, the Origin system has been reallocated into Master Servers. Indicating ‘Calm'/ 'Busy' levels like Relay servers, they are restricted by Mastery Rank, no differently than the game does so already (with weapons/ quests).

Ex: Start your system—Log-in—Choose a Server 
  • Bronze - Rank 0 - 5 
  • Silver - Rank 5 - 15
  • Gold - 15 - 20
  • Diamond - 20+
  • Spectral - tbc
Servers are mastery based because difficulty of the game increases with each server. Gold being the hardest (and Diamond being a New Game+ option). Each return to our Orbiter can save & transfer of our progress between Servers at any time.  
Players continue from whichever orbit/ sector they left off at, but each Planet has its own Sector. Sectors also clarify the current difficulty levels of that Planet. 
Ex: Sector 1 — Typically the lower class enemies. Higher chances of Urgency level, less initial effectiveness. 
(Mercury, Venus) 
Sector 2 — Standard class of enemies. Mid chance of Urgency, moderate initial effectiveness. 
(Earth, Lua, Mars) 
Sector 3 — Entering the Upper Echelon of enemy forces. Introduces higher ranking Heavy & Elite Units with Decimation abilities. Slight lower chances of Urgency, but with potentially destructive results.  
(Saturn, Jupiter, Phobos, Europa, Ceres, Uranus) 
Sector 4 — Typically the highest class of enemies
(Eris, Dysnomia—the Infested Moon, Sedna, Neptune, Pluto) 
Each planet in the same Orbit/ Sector is connected by the same Server. Accessing a Planet from a different Sector requires the Player to choose a new Server to migrate to (there may be a small loading screen while the Player is redirected.
(Lil Clarification: Orbits & Sectors are mechanically the same thing, but for the literal fact that planets aren’t actually in the same orbit as each other (otherwise they’d crash & explode) we’re calling them Sectors also. The goal is just for more universal Servers & more space exploration—without as many Server bugs.) 



Space Exploration 

Update: While in Navigation mode, we’ve placed a lil button in the corner that says “ENTER ARCHWING” pressing this button from wherever the Orbiter is in space, simply flips the Navigation console around, dropping the Warframe into space & deploying the Archwing directly after. From this point the Player may navigate the area to conduct solo operations or just explore the area—open world in space. However, deploying in hostile territory may be a bad idea (You know it’s hostile territory when Corpus Ships/ Grineer Galleons are directly outside the window—even Ordis thinks so, “Operator…Are yo—GET BACK HE—I don’t believe this is a good idea.” But still... free to play means Free-To-Play.  
Pilot our Orbiter — armed with defensive abilities, along with the option of quick traveling around a Sector. (Quick Travel)
Manual Archwing — Archwing missions are now accessed like open world missions—via simple exploration. 
Junction Activation — reactivating these bad boys gives us access to specific Archwing bounties, Teleport onto Planetary Outposts, build new Colony items, and access to neighboring Sectors. They expand our opportunities for Space Exploration. (Quick Travel)
With the new system “Leave Squad” option is only available at Hideouts:
  • Ships (Orbiter/ Railjacks)
  • Relays  
  • Junctions
  • Outposts (Cetus, Fortuna, Private)
  • Dojo 
Sectors have Priority Levels coordinated by color: 
  1. White: Nominal. Only the standard faction present. Safest time for space exploration. (Occasional Alert missions) 
  2. Green: Outbreak. There’s an Infested outbreak in this Sector. (Invasion missions) 
  3. Yellow: Incursion. Grineer & Corpus forces are at war with each other in this Sector. These are specialized Syndicate missions granting rewards & standing for your help. Corpus alliance is The Perrin Sequence vs a Fomorian Disruptor. Grineer alliance is for Steel Meridian vs a Razorback Armada. (high-risk Syndicate missions) 
  4. Red: Fleet Activity. Faction Commander(s) & their private fleet are present somewhere in this Sector. Assassinating them raises Notoriety across the System. (Lich/ Assassination missions) 
  5. Purple: Sentient. There’s a Sentient assault happening in this Sector. (New mission type—Marked with a mini Sentient symbol.
Archwinging around the Sector allows the Player to really immerse themselves in the Origin System—mining for space crystals to use for Standing & Foundry items, amongst other things—if you’re feeling risky, use your Omni-Scan to analyze a Galleon. FREEZE—so things don't get too complicated. 
So in short, scanning a Galleon, yields  a couple different results: 
a) Docile: the Crew is just chilling on patrol—clearly doing a bad job. 
b) Infested: the Galleon has been mostly abandoned due to an Infested outbreak (cause everyone’s always experimenting on Infested samples) 
c) Active: this ship is the site of an Active Mission, meaning a Squad is currently aboard giving them the business. 
d) First Responder: It’s responding to a Distress signal by another Galleon, or a Planetary Outpost. Meaning it’s on its way to Decimate our fellow Tenno somewhere in this Sector.
These will be expanded upon in the next few sectors—i mean sections—for now, these are our options, as listed above. Expect them to evolve as this wonderful universe does.


Difficulty pt. 1 (A.I. & Scaling) 


With a big revamp, higher enemy difficulty means HIGHER ENEMY DIFFICULTY. That said: 

Level Cap = 60  (for everything) 

With exactly double the limit for Warframes, enemies have a perfectly & consistently fair fight with Tenno, no longer senselessly scaling in Armor & damage on the exact same weapons.

Levels 30+, Higher level enemies will have visually different gear, efficient in different scenarios. Simply but tactical changes:

  • Helmets = blind efficient, immune to stun abilities (unless removed) 
  • Energy Detection = equipped with scanners that pinpoint our location, even when cloaked, shares this data with other enemies (unless killed) 
  • Eximus = a rare & tactical force, they only appear in distress situations, with a 50% immunity to the same element they possess (Ember & Caustic Eximus units don’t do much damage on each other) 
  • Etc...

Just as examples (whatever tactics you could imagine would probably be included as well) 


Practical + Tactical = True Difficulty  



The A.I. 

Urgency Levels: Our enemies will rack up their tactics in emergency situations. Ex: In a standard Exterminate mission aboard a Corpus galleon, 150 enemies will be light work for a single Tenno. When that number drops to 100 or below, Urgency levels will rise. At high-urgency, one of few things may happen:


  1.     Distress Call: These are active distress signals to other Galleons, signaling reinforcements of a higher variety. When one Galleon is linked to another, the boarding party will come along, thus extending the mission. (50 remaining targets jumps to 200) one of the 2 Galleons will need to be Sabotaged to guarantee a safe extraction. 
  2.     Airdrops: The next option is typical for Outposts, such as Mars. A Grineer settlement getting Sabotaged will call for an immediate airdrop. These drops contain fully modified weapons & mods the faction will use against us (Tenno can hack into these within enough time for access to rare equipment) 
  3.     Orbital Strike: Worst case scenario—whether on Galleons or Outposts—a severely weakened faction will call for an Orbital attack, terminating everything in the vicinity. (Tenno will be instantly Decimated). Using Squad Link they'll be able to send a distress of their own (Bomb Squad: assigns a team of available Tenno to locate & destroy the Galleon before it enters bombardment range) 


The Infested Response

Horde Mode—A new Parasitic Defense. As a Hive Mind the Infested do not need an Urgency Level. Their equivalent is Horde Mode, where they absorb into each other & create bigger versions of themselves. At Horde Mode, the Infested gradually become the most threatening force in the game. Infested Crawlers will fuse with Volatile Runners & create multi-armed forms of itself. The Infested each have a Mutalism ability during Horde Mode. Proboscis like tongues will attempt to snatch our weapons out of our hands, and infuse it with their putrid forms (Ex: Chargers would snatch our primary weapons and absorb it into its mouth. Over a few seconds the weapon in use can be shot & fired for the remainder of its life. Only killing it can get the weapon back.) For the Ancients. in Horde Mode, will not simply be killed at first. Their limbs will detach & snag onto us. They must be destroyed individually or else they’ll pursue & try to Decimate us with head-snatching attacks.


Resistance Events can defend us against all kinds of Mutalist/ Proboscis attacks.  




Galleons ReVamped

Our maps will not display anything clearly unless we manually run the whole map on our own. Or simply hack a console to expedite the process

(Using our Parazon’s we can finally tap into the schematics of a Galleon and access its specific interior.)

This new edition means Galleon based Capture/ Mobile Defense—any mission based off specific locations—no longer just happen as soon as we start. 

Ex: Hack a console—get the schematics—start the mission. 


The End of Extraction Points!

Replaced by Access Points: These 4 random locations can be used as entrances for us. An access point is no more than an area on a Galleon that we can quickly hack our way into—or just drop into if its an Outpost. However during lockdowns, access points will be locked from entrance, unless hacked by a fellow teammate (not all Tenno need to be aboard a ship at once, to participate) For Solo play, a few minutes can go by and the lockdown will end. As we move toward a more synergetic environment, Galleons & Planets will be seamlessly linked together, thus allowing instant entrance & exit to these locations at will. Players will not be restricted by Extraction times upon completing a group mission--we can join whenever, leave whenever. 

Along with its access points, every Galleon has a standard set of rooms & features with varying significance. 

As an Example, 

The Grineer Galleon Layout:

  • Sensor Regulators: These drones—once confined to Spy objectives—now operate around the ship as the Grineer’s mobile security cameras. (Stun abilities like Blind, Sleep, or Freeze deactivate them for a while to be Destroyed without triggering alarms). These devices alert every Grineer within 10 meters of it, and report it to the Security Center, who then alert the entire ship. 
  • Security Center: The hub of security for all types of Galleons. Only 4 enemies appointed to this post. This heavily secured room—defended by automated turrets—monitor activities across the entire ship. When alerted they activate various responses:
  • Distress Signals: When a Galleon is under heavy attack, the Security Center will have to send a distress signal for reinforcements. Tenno have 30s to access the Security Center itself to disable it. Failure to do so will alert a nearby Galleon, usually arriving within 10 minutes to disrupt the current mission with additional enemies. Docking aboard a ship reduces the amount of Access Points from 4 to 3. (Expanded upon further in our new sections) 
  • Security Traps: Magnetic barriers, lasers, defensive turrets, etc. 
  • Lockdowns: Tracking the movement of trespassers, they will lockdown doors in specific corridors to prevent mobility around the ship. With the schematics system, overriding lockdowns do not happen across the entire ship, just the section they are in. 
  • Overrides: Galleons with an active Security Center amplify console hacks—need to complete 3 consecutive hacks in a row to override lockdowns. (Note: the gist is, Cameras actually do Camera things and cause a lockdown within 5s when they see you. Destroy the cameras first as usual—but just like your favorite spy movie—destroying more than 3 cameras within 15 seconds sounds alarms across the ship. Real time monitoring has real time consequences that could even jeopardize missions.) 
  • Reinforced Corridor: These are the hallways notorious for breaking glass. In this update, reinforced glass requires double the amount of damage to break it. Doing so will lockdown the area, but actually vent all living things into space. Enemies will die instantly, but Tenno have their trusty Archwings to save them instantly. Windows automatically reseal after 5s, so Tenno will need to find a new Access Point to re-enter the ship. 
  • Reactor Chambers: The source of most Galleon-based objectives just got a huge revamp (although expanded in our next section, lets start with this, Sabotage mission’s have 120 seconds to evacuate) Where rare Pyrus Cores can be recovered via Atomizer. 
  • Command Control: 
  • Arsenal: weapons and medical provisions available to the faction's crew  (AP) 
  • Hangar Bay: Escape pods and an access tube for other Galleons. (AP) 
  • Engine Room: The Turbines of a Galleon itself. Disabling these stops the ship, destroying them, detonates the ship—much like Reactors.  

Sabotage missions will "trigger a meltdown" the way we all know & love. But doing so, will initiate a 2 min countdown before exploding. Decimation will trigger for any Warframe that doesn't escape in time. (expanded upon soon)


Difficulty pt. 2 (Titans & Battlefields) 

Titans—Magnificent & larger enemy variants. Titan-class enemies have weak-points that can be precisely & consecutively targeted before dealing a killing blow. Each Juggernaut has a different amount & type of Section Point—attacking Weak Points may trigger a QTE as they try to defend themselves. The Head Point is always the go-to, but has the most complicated button sequence.  (consists of Nox, Ambulas, most Boss battles) 
Corpus Titan-Class Proxies — Mechanical creatures that shapeshift between versions for tactical adaptation. 
Grineer — EXO-Units: Armed with colossal exoskeletons for heavier artillery & devastating attacks. (Reserved, along with Eximus Units, as reinforcements) 
Grineer — Kuva Guardians: Upgrades Guardians, immortal creatures of pure Kuva energy, Queens use Jesters as mind controllers of their haunted brains. Scepters no longer keep them immortal, instead they absorb the Kuva essence of Tenno themselves to replenish them. The closer you are to them, the more their health recharges, As well as stealing the Kuva we recover from the battle—Kuva forces LEAVE when the Siphon is destroyed. Requires overwhelming force to stop them. Void dashes still disarm, and temporarily stun their absorption ability. Can perform sweep attacks with their Scepters. Kuva Jesters will disarm Tenno in QTE sequences if you’re not fast enough—ice Resistance events to repel them. Jesters also come with tiny cluster grenades that split into deadly explosions. (5 points—Head, Arms, Legs) 
Corrupted — Void Colossus: A fused beast of Void possessed enemies into a predominant form of them all. Bombard Colossus. MOA Colossus. Ancient Colossus
Compilation of all but primarily 1. Steals Void Traces as health regeneration. (6 weakpoints—Head, Arms, Legs, Void Tentacle) 
The Albatross: An Ancient Orokin weapon, predating the Warframes. An attempt at converting raw emotional/ corporeal energy into power. Transmutation war-device that alters it’s firing mechanics & elements dispersed. Arbitrators use these ancient weapons to deploy their mini drones—impervious to abilities. Every few rounds, the Albatross location will be revealed—the Arbitration boss battle, disabling the drones for a few moments before another one is spawned. (7 weakpoints—Antenna, Head, 2 sets of Arms, Mid-torso)  
Here’s a Visual Reference as an EX:
BRING IN THE SHIPS: During ground based objectives, Dropships may be ready & able to provide air support to their troops when under fire. On Fortuna instead of them dropping & leaving, or firing away as they take off, they stay & add intensity to the fight. Dropships count as Juggernauts also—meaning they have Sections that can be individually disabled in order to deal a killing blow. Or Hijacked like Dargyns, for more destruction. Other Tenno can board hijacked ships to infiltrate locations. 
( 0:13 )
Apply to that…to this
Corpus drop ships (Titan-class enemies) will install Storm towers to conduct deadly weather controlling properties in the immediate area, depending on Fortuna’s climate. Cold days will cast Radiation storms in the form of snow, but dealing constant status damage. 
Warmer days will cast Corrosive storms to weaken armor. 
Storm Towers are installed by wiring scattered around the area, each guarded by Nullification MOA’s, specifically for the Tenno. 
Isolation Shields: Fortuna is no longer the wild free for all. Since the Tenno have arrived, the Corpus have installed impenetrable barriers in high priority areas, blocking unauthorized access. These can be disabled by hacking nearby bases linked to its shield generator. Corpus units must be taken out to gain info on which bases use which good (similar to Lich system)  
Camo Units — Mechs disguised as boulders/ secret turrets as street lamps 
Coil Drives can switch to a flight mode when in distress. They turn horizontally, and hover like flying saucers, entering flight mode. Eudico provides us with Coil traps (used in missions) to magnetize them to the ground, preventing them from flying. 
Safely deactivating Trapped Coil Drives allow us to pilot it, and infiltrate isolated areas. 
Corpus magnetic Titan-class enemies that divide at the joints making them harder to kill. 
Singularity machines with Decimation properties. 
Heavy Grineer units can strong arm objects and close range Tenno, tossing objects. 
Demolisher units place Blast minefields in the Grineer battlefields such as Mars/ Ceres. 
Magnetic minefields in Corpus battlefields such as Europa/ Pluto 
Advanced Spy Missions: Void Detection devices. Triggers alarms at the use of Tenno abilities. Dismantle these to safely use abilities. 
Galleon window breaks should require more damage to break, but when they do we’re actually get sucked into space. Fortunately, our Archwing picks us up before we die. We can re enter that part of the ship, jump to another part of the ship with an available airlock, or hop in our ship to provide different type of aid from outside the Galleon.
Allies will need to hack the airlock to let them in. 



Dying in Warframe has been revamped. Damage mitigation & acceleration can be so clunky in a high-paced game. 
Revives have been replaced with Scars & Dismantlement 
The new Scar mechanic functions almost the same, but with more self-sufficient responses. In battle, when a Tenno takes a lethal amount of damage, a pulse of energy will expel from their bodies, as they backflip in the direction away from damage. Additional to their Scar, they have a 3 second invulnerability, a 10 second recharge time on all 4 abilities, while retaining half of their health. 3 Scars at max leads to 2 Dismantlements to 1 Decimation. 
Scars are glowing tears in the Warframe’s body. They leak energy .5% every 3 seconds. 3 scars = 1.5% energy every 3 seconds. 
Dismantlement is once we’ve reached maximum scarring a limb of the Warframe will be torn from them. As beings without necessary pain, a dismantled limb does not stop us on the battlefield, but it does delay us. A dismantled arm limits us to only one-handed weapons & abilities. A dismantled leg disables our jumping & acrobatics. (New Gear & Sentient abilities will be accommodated to fix Scarring & Dismantlements mid-battle) The old ‘Revive’ alerts only appear when an ally has been Dismantled ("Player needs revive" has been replaced with "Player is in danger")
Decimation is the final lethality done, where a Warframe can be permanently killed by an enemy. As the Tenno is true commander of the Warframe, losing one will only return us safely aboard our Orbiter—aborting the current mission. 
Only specific enemies will have Decimation Abilities—that can bypass the Scar Pattern, and skip to Decimation. 
The Scar Pattern: 
1 Revive = Scar 1
2 Revives = Scar 2
3 Revives = Scar 3
4 Revives = Dismantlement 1
5 Revives = Dismantlement 2 
Clarification: After 2 Dismantlements, any & all lethal damage can commit Decimation, regardless of level/ difficulty. But only Decimation Units with the signature ability can do so almost instantly. These consist of Elites, Heavies, & Boss units. Decimation Units will be marked Orange when way-pointed, to warn your allies. 
As field repairs are only temporary fixes, we'll need to return to our Orbiter to fix the Frame efficiently. When we change characters it takes 3 hours to recover Dismantled parts. 6 hours to recover 2 Dismantled parts. Scars can be fixed instantly with Helminth parts (continued in Helminth section).
Resistance Events   
Because Tenno are so resilient, they have an additional chance to prevent Decimation in a brief QTE; Aim & Fire buttons will be presented in a randomized pattern to resist the lethal attack (only available on Viable Decimation units). Events such as orbital strikes or other explosive moments cannot be resisted, only avoided. 
That said, Players will only need to revive companions, while fellow Tenno endure temporary scarring. 
Additionally, a Resistance event triggers for Environmental Hazards, such as broken glass aboard Galleons. A successful Resistance keeps the Tenno inside the ship, opposed to us venting out with the rest.
In the unfortunate case of a Warframe succumbing to Decimation, the node where they fell shall be universal to all players everywhere. 
11 hours after Decimation occurs, the ruling faction shall be reprogramming & mobilizing the Warframe to do their bidding. The mission node turns a burning orange, signifying a Warframe corpse is still present here, now belonging to the faction. 
Each faction has their own nefarious plans for a Decimated Frame. Adding insult to injury, Decimated Warframes become Decimation Units themselves. A single node can have as many Decimated Frames as they want. Over time, however, these Frames will be dispatched to other locations—randomly appearing on planets among other Sectors. 
Infested example of a Decimated Excalibur: 


Gameplay Tweaks

Melee tossing—as an alt fire mechanic for melee weapons, more weapons across the board have throwing options. Whips & WhipBlades Lasso mid-range targets for heavy throws instead. 
Weapons Not Included:
Sword & Shield 
Nikana/ Hammer/ Heavy blade toss Example: 
Interception: To avoid redundancy of defending tower to tower— With 100% connection on a Tower, a Tenno can download the data connection to their Parazon, and become a mobile interface for the mission. 1 Tenno could download all 4, or it can divide evenly amongst teammates. At 100% total control, Enemy targets will use Amplifiers to ruthlessly hunt the Tenno with the download procedure—killing that Tenno gives them back Tower access. 
Tactical Disruptors: Tech specialists like Corpus would use tactical engineers to disrupt excavators from a distance, and reprogram interception/ mobile defense consoles to stun us at close range. 
Grineer would set them to self destruct, or place grenades on them to instantly destroy them. These programs could be reversed & the grenades can be removed. 
Mobility Expanded
Ephemerals, the deadly cosmetic—Replaces elemental jump mods by equipping Ephemera auras to increase bullet jump & wall latch strength, while leaving elemental damage in its wake. Kickflip attacks now deal additional elemental damage. 
Unique elements, such as Blood (confuse Animals into attacking the blood soaked opponent) & Eidolon (distracts Vomvalyst, while dealing Radiation damage), Smoke (impairs short range accuracy by 90% for 10s) 
Overhead Finishers: Air slam attacks can now cast finisher damage on unsuspecting enemies. 
Perfect Blocks—Deflection: Blocking at the exact moments of impact, we can deflect the immediate attack back at enemies (Missiles, Bullets, Wire attacks, etc)  only one at a time
Mobility upgrades: Backflips (off walls, for evasion) Kickflips (off enemies). Sentinel usage (let the sentinel plan emergency escape routes in heavily congested areas, showing where we can kickflip off enemies and find the cleanest maneuvers out of sticky situations—Detroit: Becoming Human used this preemptive tactic.) 
Cover Maneuver: Clinging to walls for cover is a basic combat technique, to hug barriers & look over and fire, without exposing ourselves. Whichever button decided should be simple, Swift, & not overloaded by other commands. Via Coverage, we can vault over barriers, backflip off them, or turn quick corners. 
Tidal-locking: We should be able to aim at individual targets for precision attacks, especially for melee damage. Sentinel’s can augment this ability, even targeting multiple enemies at once. Our scope should be linked to theirs.
 Sliding into manual pickup items automatically grabs them. 
Fatality! From the front, stunned enemies can be weakened to a point of fatality—our Parazon performs a QTE that assassinates Target with a success bonus based on whatever mods we have equipped. (Introduces new Rare Parazon mods: Fatal Blows—after 5 consecutive Fatalities, Parazon charges into additional damage/ or range into their next ability cast) 
Air Attacks! At close range we can leap and land on top enemy targets for a quick 3s. From their shoulders, we have a small selection of things we can do—Backflip the target—Cast an ability from atop them—Fire our guns or toss our melees—Fatality (QTE style we punch them repeatedly to the ground—if they survive we still get a ground finisher) 
Meditation! Kneeling & floating Meditation stances bringing more useful spirituality into the battlefield. Find a quiet area to for a moment so the Tenno can rid themselves of impurities such as proc/ aura damage, and recharge their energy over time. (Decreases the codependency on pick up items) 


Armor & Shields 

This update contains a simple revamp of the Armor System. 
In Arsenal, Armor will have it’s own customization, separate from each Warframe. 
These Armor slots look like the Parazon, with a capacity of 7 slots, including an Exilus section. Armor mods will be marked uniquely, and only allowed in the Armor unit. Consists of the simplest Defensive & Resistance mods. 
Armor mod examples: 
Steel Fiber
Unique defensive mods like Adaptation & Quick Thinking are Exilus mods better suited in the Armor slot. 
The solution is not to be overpowered, but allowing weaker armor Warframes a greater chance of customization to be equally effective in battle. And for the high armor Warframes to be a viable defense in the heat of war. 
Shields 2.0 
Barrier Alt. 
Deployable shields is the next level. Always known to be useless, shields now have an option to become temporary barriers on the battlefield, absorbing projectiles, while we wall-hug them in emergency situations. 
Introducing Wall-Hug function: Simply aim against a wall to cling to it, look around corners, connect into a wall-run, etc. Wall-hugging will allow Tenno moments to hide & take cover as larger, more threatening enemies begin to sweep the battlefield. 
Deploying shields allows us our own instant wall-hug option at will. Simply combat roll into the barrier to reapply it as shields. For more effectiveness the function can be held to charge our energy & multiply it with our shields. 
Ex: 400% shields x 400% energy = 2400% barrier strength. 
For our Shield-less allies (Nidus & Inaros) they can deploy Blood Barriers. The same mechanic, only made of blood, and calcified into thick walls. 
Ex: 400% health + 200% energy = 1600% barrier strength 


Parazon 2.0

Fire the Parazon like a primary weapon to reach short-midrange targets for instant effects, listed below: 
  • Headshots: Latch & remove the helmet of enemies to render stun abilities useful again. Casted on Unmasked targets instantly instantly decapitates them at low health.
  • Grappling: We have the option of slinging onto and grappling Sapient targets & engage in Human shielding. Doing so, blocks most projectiles and opens us to different possibilities. 
    • Shoot: Secondary gun fire
    • Throw: Tossing our target in whichever direction
    • Ignite: Draw 50 energy to ignite our target in pure Void energy (in our current energy color for beautiful lethality) 
    • Parazon Bomb: inject a microbe into the target and toss them forward to detonate the microbe like a living grenade (New Mods will contain different versions of these bombs) Here's an example:


Foundation Project 1.0 

Palladino’s Meeting (New Quest) 
An event shakes up the solar system enough for Palladino to orchestrate a gathering between all Syndicates (Steel Meridian to New Loka). 
This quest ultimately results in settling their differences & aligning with the Tenno equally. (No more petty Assassination attempts for not joining their cause)
Instead Assassination turns to Redemption missions. Forfeited Syndicates will offer the Tenno missions to run for them as normal, to regain standing with them. 
Meanwhile, the full accomplished Syndicate will team up with the Tenno & start a new foundation on any terrestrial world of your choosing. On this world, a new Colony under the Tenno’s lead will form. 
Apprenticeship: As a master of combat, Tenno are trusted to take a Syndicate’s most promising fighters into the field with them as temporary companions. These Apprentices can level up, be customized with specific weapons and assist on missions, learning from the Tenno how to defend themselves and their people. All of them start a mission on Earth first. Apprentices keep the weapons you give them, so build separately from your own Arsenal. Once they're max level, they will no longer be available, instead becoming full time guardians for their colony significantly bolstering its defenses. Letting an apprentice die on a mission, will lower the moral of the colony, therefore deducting their overall efficiency in developing useful material, producing new apprentices, and lowering their defense rate.
The Send-off: The moment where the Tenno master has taught their pupil all they could, and sends them back to the colony to defend his/ her home. Several things can be done at this moment. 
  1. Inherit a skill: decide which class operative they will be from this moment on. Each class comes with a tactical design to be built in the foundry, granting your Apprentice an ability reminiscent of a Warframe with that same class (Ex: Tank ability—Link. Assault ability—Fireball. Medic ability—Well of Life. Manipulator ability—Decoy. Stealth—Smoke bomb). 
  2. Weapon choice: Bestow upon them a weapon from your own arsenal, to take back with them & defend the colony. Weapons will be measured by a scale indicating how effective it will be at improving defenses.
  3. Cephalization: Designing a Cephalon is important to monitoring colony activity. The cephalon itself will be responsible for relaying important messages & indicating defense levels, also recommending what could be improved. Different Cephalons have different stats with defensive, offensive, & cooperative capabilities (can also be upgraded). 
Evac: Rescuing a group of civilians kidnapped by either Grineer or Corpus to use for assimilation. 
Recovery: Resources scattered through the solar system that the colony may need, bolstering their own defenses. Getting them specific resources may produce useful material for the Tenno in time--like mods, weapons, alt helmets, customizable parts, etc. 
Purge: Expunging the colony of an Infestation outbreak. 
Personals: Some of the people may have their own issues that need to be resolved, perhaps something that was left behind. They may ask to recover sentimental items, a missing family member, or may have information of enemy Capture Targets/ Treasure locations. Helping the people could give valuable rewards you can’t find in stores. 
Liberation: A colony has come under attack by the planet's dominant force. The Tenno must protect it. 
(Become the Eudico/ Konzu to your own open-world. Utilize the planet’s Junctions as the new workshops for gear, systems, & upgrades for your colony—they also include a teleporter to go in & out of your colony at will. Through these Syndicates, they’ll entrust you with their most valued agents to go under your tutelage. 
Evolve & challenge your own Apprentice, as a companion on your missions, learning what you know, fighting how you fight, & eventually Guild them yourself, in your own unique ceremony to officially make them protector of your colony. 10 Apprentices maximum, each additional Apprentice adds a great amount of defense to your colony, & reduces chances of attack. Run enough missions with your Apprentice & they will eventually learn to do the tedious tasks for you (mission grinds, assassinations, etc) just train them well for maximum efficiency. 
Colonies have their own mastery rank & construction times (similar to a Railjack) the people will provide you daily resources we can pick up at the log-in screen, and have plenty of stories & artifacts to share with us.)
It’s time for us to be appreciated for the badasses we are. Leave a legacy behind long after this New War is finished. 


Revamping Companions

As Sentinels & Pets evolve, a new feature is important in their development. First thing’s—Sentinels & Pets can be equipped simultaneously. 
  • Auto-lock (Passive): Sentinels, as mechanical companions, now lock onto to any target we focus on for more than 3 seconds. As we’re  locked onto them our melee & firing attacks will be much more precise in high stakes situations. 
  • Rebuild Stations: These our new gear options that allow us to rebuild our Sentinel on the battlefield. With a 10 min rebuild rate, we can reassemble our destroyed Sentinel to full health while consuming an amount of resources to do so (if we don’t have the resources at the time, then we’ll see them aboard the Orbiter) 
(Possibly new Companion—the Microlyst, a Miniature-reprogrammed Sentient with Mind-control properties.)
  • Sentinel Executions: Pressing our Left Analog stick in the direction of targets, our Sentients now tactically auto-target enemies for Primed Executions. These Executions are slow motion events that always go for the head. Sentinels can now synchronize with our magazine size to perform it. Press the Fire button to activate. Preemptive targetting!
  • Ex: (0:37)


  • Combat Gear (Customization): Kubrows & Kavats may be our thick-skinned allies, but to avoid senseless annihilation deadly missions, they can be outfitted with customizable armor parts with more-than-cosmetic details. Like Warframes their Armor will have it’s own customization that utilizes Sentinel mods to upgrade with. (Metal Fiber, Coolant Leak) each type of Armor specializes in different features to give our furry pets a fair advantage in the fight. 
  • Sentinel Placement: Double clicking on our pet can assign the Sentinel to watch over them instead, applying all the same abilities to the 3 of us. 
  • Scent Markers: These gear items are pheromones that can quickly urge your Pet to focus on more lethal abilities, defensive abilities, or keep them docile in general. This will control the frequency of their ability use & guide them in battle. (As Animals they’re still going to operate how they choose, but the pheromones get them to act a certain way temporarily). 
(Possibly new Companion—the Furies, prehistoric birds, recreated by the Helminth mutation) 


Helminth 2.0 

The infested blob of a room aboard the Orbiter has stood partially useless for too long. Gradually, with much evolution the docile Helminth room becomes Helminth Garden, a Technocyte generator. Alternative to our Foundry, the Helminth Garden has become a mutated facility for creating unique Gear, Weapon upgrades, & Mods. It feeds off our resources such as Plants, Fish oils, Kuva, Endo, amongst other things. 
Minor Example: 
"Infested Ciphers" (Eats away at consoles, slowly infecting a Galleon's entire security system. Checking its gear option will update with a percentage of completion. At 100% that means the entire Security Center has been disabled). Equip these over ordinary Ciphers to use them in missions. 
Scar Patches” (Temporary replacement skin when Scarred or Dismantled on the battlefield—infested band-aids lol) 
“Argon Nests” (Craft an infested compartment that preserves Argon Crystals until ready for use—1 each) 
“Helminth Reactors” (less effective than Orokin Reactors, they have the same modular affect of boosting Warframes with a few extra points) 
“Helminth Mods” (fixes certain Corrupted Mods, to remove the negative effects) 
While the Foundry crafts the technical & major designs, the Helminth Garden works on the nitty-gritty, particular items unfound anywhere else in the Origin System. 


Warframe Touch-Ups

Warframes now have 3 new features to their abilities to improve combat performance:
Storage (marked as S—stockpiles abilities that stack over time to deactivate & reactivate later, continuing the effect from where it left off. Storing high damage abilities reduce sprint speed by 0.20% until released.) 
Supercharge (marked as SC—amplifying once basic abilities into more effective versions at the cost of 100 additional energy. Supercharge damage-based abilities for a damage boost, or duration-based abilities to double the duration. Supercharge abilities have a 10 second recharge time after use.) 
Syzygy (marked as SZ—Warframes have synergetic abilities with their allies for devastating combo effects)
Touch Ups, meaning these Warframes don’t need another buff or a nerf, just a minor tweak to their current abilities for a more desired effectiveness. 
      Storage, Supercharge, & Syzygy mechanics will do the rest! 
• Mag: Pull now places a Magnetic Point first, then re-activate to pull targets in the direction of her magnetic point, magnetizing them to it for only 3s. Place it on a wall, ceiling, the ground, even place it on other enemies to barrage them with a cluster of their own allies. (Animation: Her arm now pulls in the direction of her magnetic point) Additionally, holding Pull while targeting a Magnetize bubble removes the projectiles and uses them as her Storage orbiting around her. 
(S) Magnetize can be held, alternative to (but not replacing) its original ability. When held, it forms a small magnetic field from her hand, draining energy, while it collects incoming projectiles into a small bubble. Now has a damage counter that tracks the amount of projectiles trapped in the sphere. When ready, release the button to expel them in an organized grid in front of her. Or combat roll to Store them for later damage—recasting stacks additional damage, to store again.  
Polarize expels Stored projectiles in all directions when activated (with Tidal-lock/ Sentinel Targeting, polarized projectiles will only target those specific enemies). 
(SZ) Polarize detonates electrified targets with an EMP 
(SC) Crush can now be held to suspend enemies in the air, charging its damage before crushing. 
Supercharge: Enemies killed by Crush become floating proximity devices, automatically striking any nearby enemy that damages Mag. 

Nyx: (SC) Mind Control now has offensive & defensive properties. Offensive subdues a single target as usual, but they do not attack until she does first. 10 second intervals while she’s not attacking will keep her pet docile as well. Additionally, being at low Health will enrage her pet, dealing 50% increased damage for 30s.

Supercharge: For its Defensive use, hold the ability against a specific enemy to transfer her consciousness inside their mind. From within her host she can bypass security systems, and deceive her foes on the battlefield. During this, her actual body acts as Specter standing by her side. The amount of energy sacrificed becomes the damage dealt to the host at the end of its duration. 


Psychic bolts, with no enemies in her immediate Vicinity, can be casted onto floors, walls, and ceilings as psychic proximity traps. 


(SZ) Chaos’s initial ability affects enemies with random, but highly effective placebo effects, convincing them they are under status damage (meaning Fire, Electric, Toxin, Frozen), they will behave stunned with the same animations & delays while taking no actual damage. Other enemies will be made temporarily unalerted to her presence. However, pair this with Psychic Bolts to trick enemies into attacking each other, while turning off their awareness of her & her allies for the remaining duration. 

Syzygy: With targets already convinced they’re suffering elemental damage, for the duration of the ability, this increases their vulnerability to Element-based Warframes such as Volt or Ember. 


Syzygy 1.0 

1st Wave of SYZYGY: like an alignment of planets, Elemental Warframes can now synergize their abilities for both supportive & deadly combinations. (2nd Wave will use combined elements. 3rd Wave will utilize the remaining unique abilities.)  (Formatting Glitch: to not get confused, the website kept messing up the format of the bullet points & numbers. Just hit me up for clarifications. Big thanks to those still reading thus far!)
Fire: Any Frame with Heat damage abilities. Lethal Heat damage can Melt frozen enemies to extend the range of Hydroid’s Undertow, at no energy cost. 
  1. Ember — Fireball leaves a lingering fire hazard in the area for 10 seconds, that can also be sparked by Fire Blast. 
    • Reduction: Fire Blast can now deflect Caustic Eximus blasts.
    • Reignition: Fireball can reignite Nezha’s Fire Walker to extend its duration. 
    • Blazing Blitz: Fire Ball & Blazing Chakram do explosive knockdown damage when striking the same target simultaneously.
    • Chromatic Duo: Reacts to the element hitting the same target(s) simultaneously (Gas—Fire & Toxin, Blast—Fire & Ice, etc)
    • Ashes to Ashes: Enemies affected by Sol Gate increases the punch-through rate of all Heat-based projectiles.  
  2. Nezha — Lethal damage by Blazing Chakram leaves a lingering fire for 10 seconds, extends the duration of Fire Walker by a few seconds. 
    • Healing Flames: Fire Walker rejuvenates the health of Ember & Chroma when they stand in it.
    • Blazing Blitz: Fire Ball & Blazing Chakram do explosive knockdown damage when striking the same target simultaneously.
    • Ring of Fire: Connect Fire Walker in a circle to create a protective ring of Fire for him & allies. Ember’s Fire Blast can raise the height of it, reducing damage of incoming projectiles.
    • Chromatic Duo: Reacts to the element hitting the same target(s) simultaneously (Gas—Fire & Toxin, Blast—Fire & Ice, etc)
    • Ashes to Ashes: Enemies affected by Sol Gate increases the punch-through rate of all Heat-based projectiles.  
  3. Wisp — Sol Gate exposes enemies to Heat damage from all sources. 
    • Solar Beam: Casting Sol Gate on a fire Chroma with Spectral Scream active channels her damage through his own ability—temporarily making him her devastating bodyguard.
    • Chromatic Duo: Reacts to the element hitting the same target(s) simultaneously (Gas—Fire & Toxin, Blast—Fire & Ice, etc)
    • Ashes to Ashes: Enemies affected by Sol Gate increases the punch-through rate of all Heat-based projectiles.  
  4. Gauss — Heat damage from Thermal Sunder rejuvenates Fire-based Frames when standing inside it. 
    • Thermal Blast: Thermal Sunder & Ember’s Fire Blast, casted simultaneously, doubles Thermal Sunder’s radius & increases initial damage.
    • Chromatic Duo: Reacts to the element hitting the same target(s) simultaneously (Gas—Fire & Toxin, Blast—Fire & Ice, etc)
    • Ashes to Ashes: Enemies affected by Sol Gate increases the punch-through rate of all Heat damage.  
  5. Chroma — Elemental Ward creates a fire aura like Eximus units, increasing the damage of all Heat-based effects in his radius. 
    • Solar Beam: Casting Sol Gate on a fire Chroma with Spectral Scream active channels her damage through his own ability—temporarily making him her devastating bodyguard.
    • Chromatic Duo: Reacts to the element hitting the same target(s) simultaneously (Gas—Fire & Toxin, Blast—Fire & Ice, etc)
    • Blazing Effigy: Enhances the damage of Fire abilities for allies in range of the Effigy.
    • Ashes to Ashes: Enemies affected by Sol Gate increases the punch-through rate of all Heat damage.  
  6. Excalibur (Chromatic Blade)
  • Chromatic Duo: Reacts to the element hitting the same target(s) simultaneously (Gas—Fire & Toxin, Blast—Fire & Ice, etc)
  • Exalted Blast: Exalted slashes directly over Nezha’s Fire Walker increases their damage the further they go. 
  • Ashes to Ashes: Enemies affected by Sol Gate increases the punch-through rate of all Heat damage.
Ice: Any Frame with Ice damage abilities. Simultaneous ice & fire damage on the same target detonate a lethal Blast effect. 
  1. Gauss — Ice damage from Thermal Sunder increases armor rating on Ice-based Frames when standing inside it.
    • Thermal Globe: Casting Thermal Sunder within Frost’s Snow Globe reinforces it with 50% of the same effect, while dealing ice damage to targets entering it for the remainder of Snow Globe’s duration.
    • Chromatic Duo: Reacts to the element hitting the same target(s) simultaneously (Gas—Fire & Toxin, Blast—Fire & Ice, etc)
  2. Chroma — Elemental Ward creates an Ice aura like Eximus units, slowing the movement speed of enemies in his radius.
    • Spectral Rejuvenation: An Ice Chroma can heal Frost’s Snow Globe with Spectral Scream. Casting on Frost himself grants him a frozen layer of armor. 
    • Chromatic Duo: Reacts to the element hitting the same target(s) simultaneously (Fire & Toxin, Fire & Ice, etc)
  3. Frost — Sliding leaves a slippery trail for 10 seconds that trips enemies behind him.
    • Ice Armor: Casting Freeze on an Ice Chroma adds to his frozen armor.
    • Bitter Cold: Casting Avalanche on targets already frozen by his allies abilities will leave a lingering cloud of Cold damage for 8 seconds upon their death. 
    • Chromatic Duo: Reacts to the element hitting the same target(s) simultaneously (Gas—Fire & Toxin, Blast—Fire & Ice, etc)
  4. Excalibur (Chromatic Blade)
    • Frozen Javelin: Casting Excalibur’s Radial Javelin within Snow Globe converts the daggers into stalagmites dealing Cold damage, slowing down enemy movement.
    • Exalted Frost: Casting Exalted slashes on Frost increase the damage on his next ability by 15%. Stacks 3x.
    • Chromatic Duo: Reacts to the element hitting the same target(s) simultaneously (Gas—Fire & Toxin, Blast—Fire & Ice, etc)
Electric: All Electric damage Frames. High electric damage can short circuit technology in a small radius, deactivating light fixtures & security consoles but using them to ricochet stray bolts of electricity. 
  1. Volt —
    • Conduction: Shocking Hydroid’s Undertow electrocutes the enemies inside.
    • Chromatic Duo: Reacts to the element hitting the same target(s) simultaneously 
  2. Chroma —
    • Bombarding Shock: Firing Spectral Scream through Volt’s Shield converts it to rapid-fire electric bullets. 
  3. Wisp
    • Plasma Mote: Electric damage on an enemy already affected by a mote detonates them with chain lighting. 
  4. Excalibur (Chromatic Blade)
    • Chromatic Duo: Reacts to the element hitting the same target(s) simultaneously 
Toxin: Toxic damage Frames. 
  1. Saryn:
  2. Mighty Miasma: Heavy armor Tenno carry particles of Miasma’s strength & linger it around the battlefield with close range contact 
  3. Chroma
  4. Pity Toxin: An already poisoned target that touches his aura will be stunned for 5s. 
  5. Excalibur (Chromatic Blade)
  6. Chromatic Duo: Reacts to the element hitting the same target(s) simultaneously 
Hydroid: Our Water elemental, with useful yet unofficial properties. (Introduces new Soaked mechanic—enemies affected by Water)
Zephyr: Our Air elemental, with useful yet unofficial properties. (Introduces new Buffeted mechanic—enemies affected by Wind) 


Miscellaneous Tingz

Should Orbital abilities be available indoors? 
— Ember’s Inferno 
— Vauban’s Photon Strike
— Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage
— MEGA CLEM! Helminth garden grows an augment to Grineer cloning, and the Clem specter can now be amplified into a bigger Clem, around the same size as a Bombard. 
— Nora Nightwave provides more genuine tips & updates on the current state of system.
  • Alert us of important news events: Corpus have raided a Grineer base & got some shiny new toys from them (or vice versa). (Corpus/ Grineer raids steal technology from the opposing faction that will be more deadly against us) 
  • A Tenno has fallen (via Decimation) on a certain planet, and be careful next time you go there. (Decimation Nodes are specifically highlighted, where a fallen Warframe is being used to do the bidding of whichever Faction in charge.)  
  • Grineer are offloading more troops on certain planets, making average missions higher risk but with greater reward, etc. Things that will spark our interest & have real value. 
—Infested potential: Interception consoles are vulnerable to being consumed by Infested, taking down our signal to that Satellite as a whole. Now we only have 3, and the download speed decreases by a certain percent.  
The infested will ruthlessly consume the technology they see and not allow us to complete our mission. The difference is, they’re not Intentionally taking the satellite, like the Corpus would, they’re just eating
They’re animals at simplest form, they’re not enemies. They’re feral, savage, and unfortunately powerful. 
Excavation drills will be turned into Infested drills, over time they come to Life as a putrid husk creating a new enemy on the Infested battlefield, really showing how destructive they can be. They literally turn our mission objectives against us! 
FOUNDRY UPGRADE — Multiple simultaneous constructions! 
—Remove credit requirement for using your foundry in your own workspace. 
—Once the foundry has completed a blueprint. It doesn’t require the blueprint all over again to rebuild. But it will need the same amount of time & resources to rebuild each piece. (Yes this means Reactors, Catalysts, & Forma) same 24 hours, but no new blueprint. There’s no justification for this. Especially when easier objects like crystals & pads are “infinite.” 
— Commence missions with full energy, just as we do with full ammo, health, & shields. It’s proven to be a waste of time on missions, since all players do is lay energy pads down before they start. 
— Hands-free combat, meaning when we are disarmed in battle, operating with no melee weapon can rely on our fists as an unofficial Sparring mechanic. Tenno can still throw a punch when disarmed (Especially if we’re a Rhino with Iron Skin, we can still do damage) 


Coming Soon...

Cukunos — the Ostron’s Underwater colony. Sister tribe to Cetus. Run by Saya’s younger, headstrong sister, Artemaya. 
Underwater objectives revitalizes Sharkwing gameplay with new Subterranean style missions—including classics such as Excavations, Exterminates, etc. 
Beware the beasts that dwell outside Cukunos. Further travel goes into The Abyss, a rumored land of lost Orokin treasures, but warded by large sea creatures mutated by Infested. 
The Monolith. The Sentients wanted the Operator locations to study & duplicate the Transference process for their own reasons. 
Ballad’s stake in the battle has always been a mysterious but seemingly nefarious one. 
Using their Orokin slave for another task to win the war, Ballas is needed to reactivate the crown jewel of his creations, the Monolith—a devourer of energy, designed as a failsafe for the old war. But even as an empire crumbled he never sought to use it, until now—forced by the Sentients. 
Fantom’s Trench. Ballas locked this treacherous Warframe away deep in Earth’s oceans—a constant reminder of his eternal failure. An Albatross, infused with the energy of his own anguish, guards the tomb relentlessly, so the Frame may never be recovered. A war he blames himself for, and tries so hard to rectify will always be his greatest curse. Falling in ashes of war after war, and losing Marguilis twice, he’s assumed to have nothing left but to aid the Tenno. But in this Sentient uprising the machines keep one simple thing from him. Something that may actually remind him of existence...his daughter. 



We've come to the end. There's still plenty of work & edits, I'm sure. But it's one of the hardest things I've had to do, and hope it doesn't go unnoticed. (DE can hire me any time lol) 


Thank you 

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1 hour ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

You forgot the Revenant rework.

no need for one: you can't improve upon perfection! :crylaugh: 

a lot of the stuff OP wants here is ambitious at best, downright impossible to implement at worst. especially the "scarring" system; you really want people's frames to lose energy over time just from damage? yeah, can't see that one going down well... elite enemies seeing invis enemies? may as well scrap Loki, Ivara and every other invis frame while you're at it.

sorry, but not all those ideas are good.



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My goodness man, this just sounds like you want a different game entirely.  Most of these would be impossible with the game's current engine/gameplay loop. I could probably pick out a small number of ideas in here that might actually fit Warframe if I had the time, but the rest just sounds like you started from a viewpoint of what was cool in other games rather than what could be a good and plausible addition to Warframe.

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5 hours ago, (PS4)JAyMaN002 said:

-wants changes...says no to changes-

—deletes account—


lol people try 

I mean there's such a thing as too much of a good thing and this was all too much. I feel like you might have gotten slightly better reception and/or feedback if you had broken these ideas up into their own individual related threads rather than just dumping a metric crap-ton of ideas that together would constitute a whole new game in and of themselves all in one post.

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All right, so after some review here are my thoughts on some select ideas in this thread I feel are worth mentioning, or at least can comprehend enough to respond to in brief:

Server matchmaking: Strikes me as something that would matter more for Conclave PVP than cooperative PVE of the normal map. I would prefer some better gating be implemented to keep noobs from speedrunning too quickly into late-game content and getting in over their heads like they evidently have been doing recently- some combination of better mandatory in-game tutorial Quests for each planet and maybe even hiding more content the players aren't ready/high enough MR for so the world just sorta gradually unfolds to new players at a pace where they can slowly get a hang of the basics before they get a whiff of other things that depend on it, and so on. Aside from that though, I don't really see what absolute benefit there would be for dedicated servers for each section of the map by difficulty level.

Space Exploration: Wait for Empyrean/Railjack to get out of totally-not-beta. Orbiter is your home and base of operations, you specifically do not put it in danger.

Difficulty: DE is already reworking the armor scaling algorithm to not be too horribly insane at too high levels, and last I checked different higher-difficulty maps already have their own unique enemy variations that only appear during alert states. That and Orb Vallis kinda does something like this with the distress beacons.

Having to hack a node to get the mission map and objective location would be rendered a pointless bit of tedium by the fact that your first console is usually very close to your starting point anyway.

I am under the impression we can't hijack Corpus dropships because they're supposed to be unmanned. In hindsight though, being able to grab onto open-world dropships to get easy shots at enemies on board and/or crash them into other dropships for massive damage (perhaps even add something like this to the Raptor boss fight?) could help introduce players to the concept early on so it feels more intuitive during the Ropalolyst fight.

Titans kinda sound like some bosses we already have, as well as minibosses like the Tusk Thumpers on the Plains of Eidolon. Wouldn't mind having more like them, but again, they're probably going to be limited to wide-open maps or bosses.

Decimation... no. Just no. Most of these Frames took way too much work to unlock in the first place, I should not be so easily able to lose them even remotely permanently. Besides, that's the Zanuka Harvester's gimmick, and at least that you can just get back entirely on your own with a no-weapons mission. Also there are lore reasons why not just anyone can reverse-engineer Warframes, and so far only one guy has made a workaround that is the Zanuka program.

Thrown weapons we kinda get in the form of spearguns and let me tell you it's kinda buggy as-is. I think certain Stances have combos that include throwing your weapon and it returning to you, though.

Ephemeras and elemental parkour mods will stay separate because DE doesn't like employing cosmetic attachments with mechanical benefits anymore. Not after the Arcane Helms. That and Ephemeras are a pain in the arse to get anyway.

Slam attacks already deal bonus damage but letting the poor sap directly beneath you get treated to Finisher damage might not be too bad.

I am surprisingly on board with making Requiem finishers happen more often, possibly through some combination of letting abilities or effects that open enemies up to Finishers also increase the "threat range" of Mercy finishers, if not also just introducing a Rare Parazon Mod that increases base "threat range". If an enemy with health past the threshold for a Mercy gets hit with an effect that opens them to finishers that would boost the threat range past their health threshold, you perform a Mercy Finisher instead of a regular one. Unique animation incorporating your current weapon with your Parazon optional.

I want to like the idea of wall-hugging as a minor flavor/QoL change that incorporates wall-clinging, but it would probably require enemy AI be reworked with better stealth/detection mechanics first.


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13 hours ago, (PS4)JAyMaN002 said:

So how long do people intend to bash their way into a mission with no consequences? 

Players bully the Devs into reducing challenges because they’re too afraid to lose.

Then leave the game when there’s no challenge. 

interesting paradox  




I mean I've kinda been wanting the possibility of hostile insertion/extraction via Archwing to be a thing for a while now, but it looks like they're relegating that concept to Railjack now.

If you're talking about the four different entry/exit node thing, that's probably going to be as much a game engine issue as it is a gameplay one; having to generate four separate entry and exit nodes in addition to objective tiles is going to be a nightmare for procedural generation that doesn't turn all maps into what amounts to a wheel of spokes around a central objective hub. That and having all four players spawn in different parts of a randomized map with no guarantee of interaction is kind of a bad design philosophy for a game that sells itself on cooperative PvE.

Even if players all started from the same insertion point but had to find their own extraction point (which is actually feasible with our current map generation system as one need only simply allow more extraction chambers to generate at dead-ends of side paths), this would just end in some combination of:

-teammates fighting over dibs on which single-use extraction point is "theirs" if the game itself doesn't have a way to assign them to each player
-Teams scattering completely upon completion of objective, with each making their own solo dash toward their designated exit point, or
-Teams uniting to scour the entire map for each extraction point one at a time, the party slowly dwindling as each player reaches their exit and leave the first players to wait in loading screen limbo as they watch their remaining teammates go through backtracking hell to find their own exit before they can all leave the game session at once while maintaining their shared rewards and team connection.

So yeah, even if having a single extraction room for all four Landing Craft to be waiting at once for pickup doesn't make sense in-universe, it's a hell of a lot more convenient for developers and players alike, at least for players that aren't edgy misanthropes waiting to abandon their team at the first opportunity.

So to summarize:
-Having to fight your way onto or off ships via Archwing isn't a bad idea, but we're probably going to be stuck getting that with Railjack and *maybe* some kind of hypothetical future event Star Chart mission. (Personally I always thought it would make sense for Invasion missions, which would consequently be locked behind Archwing acquisition, but that's just me)
-Giving players different start and exit points is bad for both procedural map generation and cooperative gameplay. Furthermore, seeking them out isn't challenge, it's tedium.
-If having four Landing Craft parked side-by-side at the same point on a Grineer Galleon bothers you that much, perhaps just wait and see if there's a tileset update in the future where they can make the extraction points look like something more plausible like an airlock or hull breach where your ship can come and pick you up, or perhaps even empty escape pod docks that are more reasonably spaced apart.

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