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Regarding Wispvisibility in air/aimglide.


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Can you please just have her passive invisibility (by which i mean her appearing to have fireflies all over her................this would have looked a lot cooler if you had actually vanished her into a cloud of fire flies but oh well) while aim gliding be continuous while she's in air as long as she's using silenced weapons.

To really get the most out of that you have to specifically mod your frame for duration to reduce gravity and increase glide duration (which okay fair is fair also effects wall grab but wall grab isn't exactly used a lot right now).. You also have to mod weapons to be silent, on average reducing their damage output or atleast forcing you to spend a lot of forma on them to open up that exilus slot... or you have to use weapons that over all are less performing, like forcing you to rely on bows, baza/p, thrown weapons... Sure there are builds that you would get a lot out of this change, but it also requires a very specific play style of spending a lot of time airborn, and requires you to sacrifice mods that increase other attributes just to keep your butt in the air, and that you used silenced weapons...

I'm not suggesting she stay invisible if shes using unsilenced weapons but the silenced ones should allow her to not break her.... glowy stuff mode invisibility...

Yeah sure other frames that can turn invisible have power drain, but it's an actual skill too, you just activate it when you need it, hers actually requires active motions and... well bunny hopping but your going to get repetitive motion injury really quick if you try to really abuse that ability in late game like arbitration and other people will kill most of your enemies before you get at them anyway... Just a thought, long as it's limited to silenced weapons i don't see this being an issue, it just creates a very specific playstyle to take advantage of it. Now if you added Zephyrs passive to the invisibility passive, which would if modded correctly basically allow her to just stay in the air forever, yeah that could be an issue...

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i think it would be a bad move, another endless stealth frame

if u hurt yourself try a macro like these spin2win ppl in the past

Wisp is more than her passive, although it is a nice to have, it is easy to abuse to immortality, even if u have to sacrifice something for it

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