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Speaking of Railjack UI...


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What the heck is this? This thing. This little icon that appears in the Railjack pilot UI. Nowhere does the game communicate with you what that is. You might think that there’s some legible text in there, but there isn’t. Running at 1080p, it's totally illegible even if I take a screenshot and zoom in. Maybe you 4K people can read it but the rest of us can’t.

I asked around and apparently it's a missile lock morning? Well, that's just completely useless. The only time a missile lock is any more threatening than the enemy’s regular weapons is when you're near a missile battery station, and you don't need an illegible warning to know that they are dangerous. Your rapidly depleting health will tell you that.

And yet, we don't have a UI icon for if you have been boarded, if enemies are still left on your ship, if a ram sled is on its way, or perhaps most important, if there is a tenno in the slingshot who needs to be pointed at a crew ship.

Cars have had this figured out for decades now. Low on gas? A little icon lights up on the instrument panel. Low on oil? An icon lights up. Low tire pressure? Icon. Oxygen sensor? A vague icon, but one nonetheless. Battery issue? Icon. Cruise control turned on? Icon.

Come on, DE. I know you guys can do better. Let’s get this sorted!


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