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Keyboard+mouse - option to replace gearwheel with a geargrid!


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Give us the option to replace gearwheel with a geargrid. Reasons:
- Being able to see every equipped item at once
- No time wasted making circles with mouse
- That spiral is the only thing of its kind in the whole UI (except for emotes)
- Keyboard selection becomes possible. If the top-left item is selected by default, you'll most likely use only S and D for selection. Press E while holding Q to use.

Oh yea! And do the same for emotes!
Edit: Don't forget to make item counts, hotkeys and cooldowns all visible.

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Would also be nice if items placed in gear, after slot 12-14 were not removed at random from time to time.
Endless gear wheel shouldn't be a case of endlessly replacing items in it because game removes them leaving it full only to slot 12 or 14.
(Hoping this gets fixed at some point, has been reported)

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