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Boss health gating mechanics: a PSA


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For certain bosses in this game, for instance the Razorback that's currently up on Xbox, they have a very specific health gating mechanic.  Once a weakpoint opens and you can damage them, they become invulnerable again after taking a certain amount of damage.  If you can land more damage in a single shot than their health gate typically allows, you can damage them more in one period than with multiple, lower damage shots.  Example:  Health of 1000, health gates every 250.  With a fast firing weapon dealing 50 damage per shot they will become invulnerable again after every 5 shots and it will take 4 cycles to kill the boss.  With a higher damage weapon that deals say 500 per shot, all 500 goes through, the health gate closes automatically after one shot and you finish the fight in 2 cycles.  If you can deal all 1000 damage in a single shot, you can bypass the health gating completely.  (I'm probably going to get this nerfed.  No fun allowed.)

This isn't a complaint.  Pubs gonna pub, "don't play the meta, play to have fun, which is not the meta, ever" types and people that don't know better are still going to do what they want and be all up in the Razorback's face closing health gates the slowest way possible.  That's why I run the fight solo.  But for those of you wondering why sometimes the Razorback goes down in a single hit, there's probably a Rhino or a Chroma waiting for that healthbar to turn yellow so he can snipe it out from underneath the noob spamming melee on it while it's still invulnerable.  If you want to help the fight finish faster, don't be the noob.  If you want to run the fight faster, be the guy that brings a sniper rifle, modded for radiation, actively dropping Bursas on the thing.  If your idea of fun is spamming melee on it, doing 0 damage until someone else gets the shield down so you can do just enough damage to close the health gate and make it take as long as possible, you do you.

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