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[suggestion][Lua] Trap room idea; The Cages


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This came to me in a dream:

I entered the room and the door locked behind me. There wasn't really anything in it, but there were 4 pressure pads on the floor and a track along the wall.

I stepped on on pressure pad and I heard to tick of trap machinery coming to life. I saw a button coming out and moving along one of the tracks. I shot at it, hoping it would light up, but it didn't seem to do anything. Normally it would do something.It moved to the end of the track near the locked door to the next room and made a CHACK noise, then another button came out on the track.

I stepped on the next pressure pad and the same thing happened on the other side of the room.

I stepped on the third pressure pad and the door to the next room opened. I peeked inside and saw a ton of prison cell doors. One of the buttons CHACKed into place in front of me and I knew what they were.

I stepped on the fourth pressure pad and the noise from the machinery stopped, as did the buttons.

 Every button that made it the end of the track unlocked one of the cells. I was going to have to go in and fight temple sentries or monster or whatever they kept in those cells, because I didn't realize soon enough what was going on. Thank goodness I did. If I'd run in there without hitting that last pad, the buttons would have just kept unlocking cells on me. Maybe if I'd been lucky and picked the right one from the get-go I wouldn't have opened any cells at all.

I woke up before I went into the next room. Thought I'd share this.

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