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Dojo - add a usefull RNG element - Oracle


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So we got RNG at Kuva Weapons and Railjack stuff, time to get something usefull for the Tenno now

We all need to build the Oracle at the Dojo to get to the labs, but nothing else we could do with it, why not adding a random buff generator to it?

Just stuff like 5-25% more Affinity, or dmg or credits or....for a day, or 12h if the buff runs out you could get another ... ofc it stacks with everything else but only for the player that got the buff

To reduce the rng, get buffs like +hp /+hp reg/+affinity/+... at the infested hologram, +cred/+drop/+shield/+... at corpus and +dmg/+armor/+resistance/+... at grineer

No need for multiple UI icons, just one that shows the timer for the oracle buff

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