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A suggestion to help Controller players on PC have enough buttons.


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With the addition of Railjack on PC I've been trying out different button configurations to try and find one that feels natural to me, does not conflict with other buttons (things like cannot rebind something something melee stance equipped), and which has all the features I find necessary. To that end I have a suggestion.


Controller buttons in warframe are assigned an action which occurs when they are pressed, but many have no extra function if held. For example, holding Back on a regular mission does nothing. In plains and fortuna it opens up the expansive map. Onboard the railjack holding the button has not function. I would bind tactical menu to holding Back since the tactical menu has no use on plains and fortuna. By adding hold functions to buttons you expand the possible number of commands a controller can do. If this conflicts with abilities that charge or archwing movement then I suggest an added feature of enable/disable held functions on a per button basis.


Also, being able to completely clear and bind the controller from scratch would be nice.

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