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Nightwave Act Completion Message appears but I did not complete the mission


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I was doing the index elite weekly act (win 3 wagers in a row without letting the enemy score in a single match).

After the first wager (which was won without letting the enemy score a single point) the host decided to leave.

and host migration happened. For some reason i got put in a almost 20 minute survival run of someone else and not back to the index.

after i extracted from that survival i started another attempt on the same elite weekly act. We once again completed the first wager without letting the enemy score but i noticed that the game showed me that i had won already 2 out of 3 wagers to complete my mission. After the 2nd wager it then showed me i had completed the act with +7000 standing for my nightwave rank.

Since the host once again decided to leave and the game had told me the elite weekly act was completed i also left assuming i would get the points.

Back in my orbiter I check my nightwave rank and its still the same and the index elite weekly act is still up for completion with 0/3 progress.

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