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[Warframe Concept] Gelidus, The Borealis Reaper


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I don't have much lore or artwork for this fan frame. This is a rough concept. 

My inspirations are from Nezha's gameplay and Lady Friede from Dark Souls 3

This frame is more melee centric than shooty shooties. 

I am very unsure about numbers, but just know that it's Rhino/Nezha esque since I'm a big fat noob.



Gelidus, The Borealis Reaper:


  P. Everlasting Ice:

  • Damage dealt from Concentrated Sub-zero Manifestation builds a counter of Everlasting Ice
  • The Ice can be used to cast or supplement abilities


1. Concentrated Sub-zero Manifestation:

  • An ice slash effect now accompanies every single melee strike, every single strike takes X energy.
  • Activate the ability again to use ice to empower slashes
  • Augment: Shooting enemies with 1 on now tag enemies with a mark. Attacking marked enemies with 1's ice slash yields more ice


2. Glacial Formation:

  • Hold the ability to spend ice to form an ice skin
  • (Amount of Ice Spent and Ability Power) 
  • You can keep holding it even if you already have ice skin on
  • It has a duration, and giving It ice can maintain the ice skin
  • Augment: Activate again and Hold to condense the ice skin into a glacier spear, throws it to targeted area, dealing the amount of damage equaled to the ice skin value
    • If enemy is killed, you get to pick up the condensed ice and turn it back to ice skin
    • ice skin value is increased and the maximum duration is increased per enemy killed


3. Frigid Footwork / Siphoning Frost:

  • When activated, summons a “snow board”, and you snowboard around
  • Activate the ability again to enchant ice that siphons energy to melee weapons
  • Longer boarding time results in higher energy siphoning infusion 
  • On the board, you can’t use melee weapons
  • This board can go up walls and ceilings, 360 style


4.Infinite Borealis 

  • Buffed abilities:
    • 1: faster ice generation 
      • If 1 is Empowered: less ice costs
    • 2: doubles the ice that is already spent
    • 3: doubles siphoned energy
  • You can cast either 1, or 2, or all 3 of them
  • Catch: Energy Consumption gets heavier depends on how many buffs you have on (if it's per sec)



Gimme some suggestions for this frame, such as the number game. How the ice economy can be balanced, I don't even know, but there must be some way. 

Or tell me how awkward and confusing this is to potentially balance. 

Anything, really.

Considering this is my first post, idk what to expect. 

Edits: Typos, hard to catch


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Could you describe abilities with more details what they actually do? Because now without auguments this seems like really straight forward and boring frame.
Snowboard idea is cool... but does it actually do anything useful in game with bullet jumps and archwings?
Edit: Consider looking at Gara, Wisp or Revenant, where every ability interacts with each other. Those make really cool and fun kits to play arround.

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