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I Thought Of A Great Addition For Lotus.


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I noticed how every mobile defence mission she has a bit of trouble with her equations "it's taking longer than I calculated" so I propose a new addition to help lighten the load.



It's called the 'calculon', you can buy it for 75 plat in the store and it simply helps her get her maths correct so we know she isn't leading us down the garden path. Also it does fire damage because of the solar panels.

and then in the void next update you can add a 'calculon prime' with a neat little case but probably with more gold trim than the picture because without the gold trim people wont know you're a pimp.


I eagerly await this being implemented ASAP.

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Only if we can add an aura that makes enemies take 3 seconds longer to alert the ship.

Make the intruder mod add to enemy time to alert or lockdown, in addition to giving more break-in-time. That would make it actually worth using.

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That moment when you realize that even though her "calculations" were incorrect, the mission timer is always the same, and always finishes at the same time.


I think she just takes a nap for the first couple minutes, then makes up an excuse when she wakes up




I want this Lotus prototype helmet for my Warframe. Make it so.

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