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Entering the extraction area before completing all mission objectives breaks things


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Wish the title could have been more specific, but it was already long.

Entering the extraction zone of a mission before the objectives are complete causes two things to break (as far as I can tell):

  1. All channeled abilities are canceled immediately (but they can be turned back on just fine).
  2. The quick progress view breaks and can no longer be opened for the rest of the mission.

This was specifically tested and reproduced in solo mode on Telesto, Saturn as Ivara, but it would be pretty strange if it were unique to any of those things.

I first noticed this after the last mainline, but it may have happened before that as well.

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This appears to have been fixed at some point. Entering the extraction zone no longer deactivates channeled abilities, and while you can't open the quick progress view while in the extraction zone, you can now open it after you walk back out.

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