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Group: Individual Prerequisite Verification


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Yesterday I was playing in a group and noticed we entered a mission with 1 less player than appeared in the countdown.   I found out that at the end of the countdown a notification appeared stating a missing prerequisite after the group started the mission short a member.

It seems to me if the prerequisite check was performed before the start of the countdown and all members were provided detail on member not meeting one, or more, prerequisites this would make for more fun and less stress for all players.

My suggestion:  At the click to start a mission countdown if any players don't qualify a list should be displayed to all group members presenting each member name missing a qualification and the missing qualification.  I  think this would also save time vs everyone having to ask multiple questions, preventing groups fracturing and falling apart, and some people logging out from frustration--especially in the case where no one understands the reason a group keeps losing members.

I did some searching to see if this has been reported but found nothing.

This was my 1st post.

Thank you for your time.

* Edited only to remove a formatting error.

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