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i just tried to pass the MR27 test despite knowing how the bug activates which it did. what is the bug? i was carrying every pickup point i could get from the map and when i try to get a nearby point i get blasted by a thrown grenade that forces me to die and as a result the bug activates disabling all the points that i picked up from respawning normally so i have only 3 minutes to try and get all the 100 points by trying to kill every enemy that would drop a orb that would give 3 points but eventually even those stopped spawning as a result i ran out of time and failed the test so what am i supposed to do i am now submitting a bug report on the forums hoping it will get fixed before someone else having a bad day gets in over their head. honestly with everything that is happening lately with warframe it makes one wonder what your standards are for a hotfix/patch to be "OK" for launch and if you want my opinion as i am sure everyone here will agree if you know about a bug in the patch you are fixing to launch and think it will be absolutely minor let me give you a fact about me and a job i plan to get, when it comes to forensics it only takes one screwed up piece of evidence to mess up a case and increase the chances of the criminal severely getting off scott-free. same thing could be said subbing in bugs and players leaving the game for life in the same scenario. i would like for things to be fixed but because i failed due to a bug i would like to be compensated with either getting me a free promotion to MR27 or an immediate reset of my test timer so that when i get on tomorrow i can retake the test pls. sorry for the all caps i have had a months worth of bad luck and has yet to turn around like normal this is just the latest of the unfortunate events i am getting hit by please pardon my attitude and don't punish me.

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