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Office reflected in the Prisma Companion Poster


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hi, idk if im crazy but if you inspect the Prisma Companion Poster (in Baro shop) by moving it to the left or the right you will see, on the background, the office where the devs do the Devstreams, im not joking look for yourself.

Is really pixellated tho, but if you go to the right side you can see a Domino or Pepsi logo (there is something half red and half blue), and if you go all the way right you will start to see CARS, believe me, is hard to see it with screenshots, go look you'll see

maybe im late to the party and baybe is an old thing but this is the firts time i see it

-here there is the Domino or Pepsi logo


here there are the plants we see in the devstreams


and here there are the cars all the way to the right

6XAAG4O.jpgand on the far left there is a corridor and some stairs.

as i said is hard to see it int he screen shot but go see it at Baro

sorry if my eyes are broken, but i see it XD

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