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Why can't we get ANY dual sword skins?


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Seriously... TennoGen has been out for how many years? DE clearly doesn't care about those of us who LIKE to use dual swords... and the ONLY real dual swords we have right now, are the Dual Keres, the Dex Dakras, and the Twin Krohkurs. Everything else is either daggers, dual hand-axes, sword+dagger, or a variation in between. No sword+swords except for the three weapons mentioned.

TennoGen only makes longsword skins, and for some BIZARRE reason, these can't be made into dual-sword skins? If anyone over at DE sees this, can you give me some new skins to wear? At least... THAT much? Maybe some actual new dual swords? I might be asking for too much at this point, but... I need some new toys, be them cosmetic, and/or practical.

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