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[Request] Improve Cyclone Kraken and Machete frontal finisher


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This stance on the machete wraith makes one of my favorite weapons in the entire game.


There are two glaring issues tho:


(1)Frontal finisher 

currently it is bugged, going for the head but not even hitting the enemy and ugly to look at.

Make it instead in a two-handed slash from the top right to the bottom left, sorta slashing the entirety of thw enemy's torso.



(2) Heavy attack

currently the sword is brought to the left, then to the right and THEN to tge left again for the spin.

The force you built up in the firsr movement is lost when you swing it in the opposite direction.

make it spin from left to right, quickens the build-up and it is more fluid.



(3)Forced Forwars movement

I don't mind it, reason for which i didn't mention it, but making the standard walk override the lower body animation might make the stance more fluid.

Thwt would allow the player to initiate the combo and move left/right/backwards if needed, impossible at the moment.


ty for the hard work ❤️



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