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Status DoT Damage Not Applied Correctly


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This bug was first introduced with November's mainline update (the one with the most recent changes to the melee system), so it's been around for so long that I've begun to suspect it was in fact a feature... and, oddly enough, I haven't really seen anyone address the issue at all so far, so yeah...


Well, anyway. High damage DoT instances are applied at a much lower rate than they're supposed to. Or perhaps more to the point, most of the time they should occur, they don't.

Possible problem: There seems to be a correlation between damage done to the target and the target's max HP. So you won't see it happen in very, very high level missions and/or when facing targets with very high damage reduction.

Example/reproduction of the bug: build a gas bomb weapon (high status/high alpha damage; high fire rate/low alpha damage weapons seem to be fine unless you headshot low level enemies), aim it at your target's head, pull the trigger and watch gas damage being applied ~15 times less often than it should. See the difference in procs occurring vs high level Bombards/Heavy Gunners and Elite Crewmen (the lower their level, the larger the difference).

Notice the difference in the bug occurring while shooting Elite Crewmen's heads and legs. It's a problem with damage, not hitboxes as such.

Tested in various missions and in Simulacrum on: Daikyu, Lanka, Rubico Prime, Vectis prime, plenty of DoT-inflicting melee weapons.


In other words, it seems to work this way: the bigger the difference between the base damage you inflict and the target's max effective HP, the less likely you are to score a DoT proc. You won't see much of a difference when using slash/toxin builds, because the sheer amount of base damage required for this bug to happen will kill your targets anyway (though you will notice the lack of slash/toxin status symbol next to the damage number), but it renders gas bomb builds useless versus low health/high numbers enemies if you exceed the scaling damage cap.


The other day I got to successfully test it on another client, so it can't be just me.



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