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Clan Warlord QoL changes (some stress relief imo)


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Im just going to list the quality of life (QoL) changes below. I'd like to know which is your favorite, why, and what are the things you dont like about the suggested changes and why.

Below each suggested change is a box containing information on why i want the changes, if youre curious to know.


Recruiting: Allow an option to change the way people join a clan, from invite only to open joining. Open joining means that there will be away for non-clan members to search up your clan's name, and join it without the current clan's members inviting them.

- (Additional suggestion to RecruitingRequirements: The clan warlord will be able to place profile stat requirements for players wishing to join the clan through opoen joining. This will consist of stats like Mastery Rank, Hours Played, and the players Total Kills. 

The reason i want this is because recruiting consumes A LOT of time. Whats worst is a lot of the players you recruit will eventually leave the clan, become inactive for long periods of time, or maybe even stop playing warframe (that last part is a sin). Recruiting 1 player can take anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes as longer as you are staring at the chat and typing your fringers off every 2 minutes. If you have age requirements for joining your clan then the average wait will be painfully longer.

1 Page Free Write or Rule Setter Sheet: This sheet will pop up the moment a player attempts to join a clan, and will be accessible in the clan menu after joining the clan. The clan warlord can choose to write a message and/or rules on this sheet so that members are aware of what to expect when joining the clan, and during their stay in the clan, instead of the clan leader having to explain it to them.

The small "Message of The Day" (MOTD) box is nice, but its not really useful for posting your clans rules AND your actual message for the day. There is simply not enough room for them both, and rules are not a message for 1 day; rules are usually a message of the lifetime 

An Inactivity Limit: The clan warlord will be able to select the amount of days of inactivity in which players in the clan will be automatically kicked from the clan. Maybe the max limit possible to set can be 90 days or No limit.

Kicking for inactivity is just repetitive and would be nice if done automatically.

Destroying rooms and decorations: Before any room or decoration can be destroyed by someone other than the clan warlord, a notification (equest) will be sent to the clan warlord's inbox per item being selected for destruction. The notification will give the warlord the option of accepting or declining the item for destruction.

 I absoluetly love having clan decorators in my clan but the risk of them destroying things that i worked REALLY hard on is horrific! This change will reduce the chances of that nightmare becoming a reality even further, allowing the permission to feel much safer than before. 

Recent Donations: Every week, their will be a tab that holds information of players recent donations to the clan dojo. 

[/Spoiler] The " View Contributions" tab is nice but it's extremely hard to keep track of who has donated what by remembering what each player had donated previously and what they have donated presently. This should help with that [/Spoiler] 

And thats all i have. What do you think and do you have anymore suggestions for a QoL Change? 

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