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Iunctura - The amalgam warframe concept


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Iunctura is a warframe inspired by amalgam and sentient technology that utilizes more insidious tactics, rather than a direct approach.


Armor: 400

Energy: 130

Health: 100

Shields: 120

Sprint Speed: 0.90


Harder for enemies to spot him, works better in shadows.


1. BLIGHTGAZE: Iunctura shoots an explosive projectile dealing 400 viral damage to a target on impact, and 200 damage in a small radius. If the button is held, it will instead place a trap that, when triggered, will deal 500 damage in a small radius. This action will lock the warframe in place and will interrupt any animation (the projectile is shot from the "face" of the warframe)

2. INFECTION: Iunctura emits an aura, draining energy per second while active, that infects enemies (indefinitely). The closer an enemy is to Iunctura, the faster he will be infected, and stronger enemies will take longer to infect. Infected enemies will have greatly reduced accuracy against the warframe and will occasionaly get the radiation status effect.

3. HARVEST: Iunctura saps the lifeforce of an infected enemy, gaining a boost to health and armor. If the target survives, he will run up to the closest enemy and explode, dealing 600 toxin damage in a moderate radius and a guaranteed toxin status (if no target is nearby, it will be stunned).

4. AMALGAMATION: 4 nearby infected enemies are placed in cocoons and transformed into amalgamas in 6 seconds, while casting, Iunctura is immobile and invulnerable, all damage dealt to him is instead transfered to the cocoons, increasing the damage and health of the amalgams when they hatch.


Any suggestions are appreciated, sorry if there are any spelling mistakes. Dont have many ideas for how he would look, tho I might add a drawing in the future.


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