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Falling trough the map, got stuck in the weirdest places, running while standing still🤔


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Hi there,

Ive resently started playing Warframe (like 8 days or so) and realy love it. Almost lvl 6, allready spent some money for some fun things and just cant stop playing😅

But since the last 2 days i have nothing but crazy bugs... Its so bad that it even takes all the fun out if the game... 

Here is the list with all the bugs ive got:

1) when i equip my hooverboard in the plains of Fortuna, i keep falling down the map.... Did diffrent kind of missions  but it keeps happening.. Had to do hard reset and lost a giant pile of rewards because of that😭 the friends i was playing with have it all and no problems. (yes i have reset the router a couple times, no problems with internet though) 

2)was putting some new colors on my archwing in the spaceship and got stuck in that place.. After a couple jumps i ended up in the invested room, but in the aquarium... Also had to do hard reset. 

3) like 80% of the times im standing still butt my character keeps running on the spot 🤔 cant equip my archwing because i die instantly, he keeps diving down.(tried with a couple diffrent controllers but no succes) and while it looks like its running for his life, i actualy cant run. I can walk real slow and cant jump. Than try my hooverboard and before i know it, im tumbling down the map again.... 

So it's getting quite annoying by now, because now i cant finish any quests in Fortuna😭

Please help me out, 


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