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Just thought i would share some mechanic thoughts were Warframe to ever get a sequel or a massive redesign.


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So mostly warframe is enjoyable as it is but there are some.. arbitrary issues that i think could work better with how equipment works.

I would maintain the three tiers, being "primary loadout, secondary loadout, and melee", but i think i would abandon the idea of one handed, two handed, and two handed but need to be linked for some arbitrary reason, and go with Melee, small arms, medium, and large weapons, then heavy being a special use weapon as the arch guns are now which use special physics, these could be melee oriented for close quarters or ranged, some would be based on an energy cell that depletes during use and recharges when "holstered" making them favored for short use functions because the sooner you put them away the shorter the time it will take them to recharge, while others would be ammo based so you can use them until you run out of ammo but can't use it again until you've gained more ammo, similar to heavy weapons in games like Destiny. 

So aside from heavy weapons I mentioned four weapon types, melee, small, medium, and large, but i said to keep the same three tiers of primary, secondary, and melee, so how do i reconcile this?

By use of a hands based system. Two hands for primary, two hands for secondary, two hands for melee.  I will start by detailing my hands system, then move on to the weapon categories and explain how the hand system will buff or debuff weapons based on how you use the hands system. Please note, in what will be detailed below, each weapon will be considered a limited object, where it exists on your build is the only place you can use that weapon, so you can't have say, the same lato in both your primary and secondary positions except possibly under very limited circumstances...

Hands system.

Primary you can equip any ranged weapon. But you can only equip "Large" weapons on the primary slot which require both hands to control. If you choose not to equip a large weapon, you can equip two medium weapons, or two small weapons, one in each hand. There will be no "ak" system, but rather it will depend on what you equip.  Debuffs will apply, see below.Her

Secondary. Here in you can apply any medium or small weapon to each hand. Note you cannot equip two medium weapons if you have a large weapon equipped as primary or if two medium weapons are equipped, this is both for balance and logic. In this second slot you can also choose to equip one small weapon and one melee weapon if it is one handed. This will include long swords, one hand axes, glaives, etc.

Melee. Here in, you may only equip melee weapons. Note that if you equipped anything except a Glaive with your small arm in secondary, your melee will be fixed to the weapon you equipped. You can equip one melee weapon per hand though debuffs will apply, or one two handed weapon. 
Before I move into weapons types i wanted to detail debuffs. Debuffs for equipping two of any weapon will focus largely on debuff to weapon accuracy and reload time... With medium weapons this debuff would be significantly greater than with small arms. I'm not quite sure how to handle damage balance, I'd kinda like to see "damage increase mods" in the long term abandoned for some kind of level scaling system where your damage dealt is based more on the level of game play rather than specifically just loading your weapon with as many things that increase damage as possible. I kinda feel like slapping as many things that increase damage as you can on a weapon is part of why it's so hard to balance Warframe. 

Additional debuffs are if you equip two melee weapons in melee the over all experience tends to be slower. I would say you could mod each one handed weapon for a different stance, and pressing the block button will use your second hand melee, just graphically reverse the stance motions which actually could look quite nice alternating between right hand and left hand stances as long as it flows together right... Yes i can hear you screaming "we already tried that auto block thing and it sucked!" I would say just have holding down both melee buttons at once be your block function in this situation....

Buffs are that of course if you are using only one weapon instead of two you get a significant buff to accuracy and reload on ranged weapons, and an increase to speed and damage on wielding one handed weapons. with only one hand... Moving on into how i qualify weapons...

Heavy weapons: Special use, special physics apply.

Large weapons. Large or awkward weapons, their significant damage and range requires both hands to control them adequately. Large weapons are bows, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and most shotguns. Think of weapons like the Supra, Tiberon, ignis, amprex, etc...

Medium weapons are weapons that could plausibly be equipped in one hand though with some difficulty. These would be weapons like the grakata, baza, possibly zhuge and Attica,  any of those weapons that clearly kinda belong in an inbetween class somewhere between pistol and rifle... Yeah the toncor is in this class though I'm not sure how I would implement it. 

Small arms are obvious, machine pistols and hand guns and such. If it could be easily held and discharged from one hand, it's a small arm. 



Some adjustments i would make to modding. Again, this would be for a different game than what we are currently playing, either a sequel or a massive rework of the system.

I would rather instead of just having a page we dump mods on, have it more principle based. Most weapons being based on things like "barrel, receiver, magazine, and stock, or bows being a bow, string, quiver, and arrows... I would mod each of these independently...  Maybe four slots each, again i'd really rather we abandoned the "damage" system of modding for something else... So on barrel you might place things like multishot or crit chance mods, receiver would probably be things like damage types, elementals, things like that.. magazine would be your mag capacity, fire rate, etc (yes i know technically fire rate should be an attribute of the receiver but I'm still putting it under magazine) and things like accuracy and recoil control would go on stock. I think i would create a dedicated slot for weapon augmentations. 

*checks time* anyway that's all i have time for tonight. Just thought i would contribute some thoughts about some ways to make the game slightly more interesting in building.....

One thing I do really like is the idea of equipping two different blades and modding them with different stances so that you can alternate between two by pressing different melee buttons... I think if done right it could be very appealing and something about holding both buttons down to block just seems to make sense... Oh well, doubt anyone will like my ideas just thought I'd share them. I will grant absolutely this system would require a completely different balance system than what we currently have.... Granted DE could make a lot of money off it because if you say want two hand guns you'll have to build and forma them independently resulting in more forma sales for the same weapon...

One closing note i could see them adding just general game play mods that allow things to behave differently than normal... Like pistoleer... equipping four pistols allows you to fire hold one pistol at a time and instead of reloading on empty you draw your next pistol, then your next, then your last. Accuracy increased by 20%, reload by 10%, critical damage by 20%, weapon holster speed by 200%...  Be good for someone who wants to play cowboy... or cowgirl... cowperson? I would kinda like to see a new mod slot that allows you to play the game in a certain way that's outside of the weapon and frame modding system, something that will grant you special physics while it's equipped but you can only have one on at a time. 

Well really i have other things i need to be doing.... I probably should have been more clear and less rambly but, you know... ReSpOnSiBiLiTiEs.

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