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.error with the operator and buffs of the modifiers related to the combo multiplier.


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when you load the combo multiplier and in your melee weapon you have equipped the weeping wounds and blood rush mods the buffs charge normally, but when you use the operator and enter the warframe again the buffs restart even if you have the combo multiplier at x12 causing you to restart your combo multiplier and start loading the modifiers again.

By the way it also works in the following way, if before you run out of the combo multiplier time you enter the operator and let the remaining time pass when returning to the warframe the combos counter will restart, but you will continue with the buffs.

there are also bugs with the helios sentinel weapon (deconstructor), when you equip the gladiator set it works normally, but if you die during a mission or in the drill and revive the gladiator set it stops working permanently until you finish the mission, no I know if this is a bug or if they implemented it recently, I appreciate you letting me know.

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