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Idea for a warframe: Bean, a baseball warframe.

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Stats are for max rank.


Health: 450

Sheild: 300

Armor: 200

Energy: 275

Sprint speed: 1.2


Passive: slide for home - sliding is 100% faster and travels 50% further. Sliding into an enemy deals 100 impact damage and staggers them.


1st ability: fastball - bean throws a ball of energy at a very high speed. It loses speed and damage as it travels, eventually hitting the ground and disappearring. It can be charged to increase damage and speed slightly, and add a blast radius. Allies can hit the ball with a melee weapon, which redirects it to where they were aiming, refreshes the speed and damage, and adds a percent of their melee damage to the ball's damage.

Energy: 25 (effeciency)

Damage: 600, 80% impact, 15% slash, 5% puncture (strength)

Speed: 300 kph (strength)

Decay: 5%/meter (-duration, range)

Decay start: 25m (range)

Charge time: 2s

Max charge multiplier: 1.15x, extra damage is 100% blast

Blast radius at max charge: 7m (range)

Melee damage absorb: 40% (strength)


2nd ability: strikeout - bean becomes immune to the next 3 hits, storing the damage they would've done. A small delay after the 3rd attack hits, or when the duration runs out, the damage is multiplied and released violently in a radial blast. There's a small cooldown after absorbing damage before the next damage is absorbed, but bean stays invincible during it.

Energy: 50 (effeciency)

Number of hits absorbed: 3

Duration: 30s (duration)

Absorb cooldown: 1s

Damage multiplier: 2x (strength)

Radius: 15m (range)


3rd ability: ol' slugger - bean pulls out his trusty baseball bat to beat justice into his enemies.

Energy: 50 (effeciency)

Energy/second: 3 (duration, efficency)

Weapon type: one handed sword

Attack speed: 1.15

Crit chance: 24%

Crit multiplier:  2.2x

Range: 2m (range)

Status chance: 15%

Damage: 750, 75% impact, 20% slash, 5% puncture (strength)

Heavy attack damage: 2400

Heavy attack wind up: 0.3

Slam attack: 2150

Slam radius: 5m

Passive effect: heavy attcks don't cause lifted state, but has an extreme knockback that sends enemies hit flying.

Synergy: while ol' slugger is equipped, bean uses it to launch fastball instead of pitching it, giving it 50% extra speed, and counts as a redirect, so the melee damage absorb is applied, and allies can't hit it.


4th ability: grand slam - bean readies ol' slugger to swing for the fences. Any enemy hit gets sent flying extremely far.

Energy: 100 (effeciency)

Damage: 2500, 80% impact, 10% slash, 7% puncture, 3% blast (strength, +40% of current melee damage)

Wind up time: 3s (-duration)

Range: 7m (range)

Synergy: if ol' slugger is equipped, base energy cost is 75, base wind up time is 1s, and 100% of melee damage is added to damage.


So what do you guys think? Would love some feedback, especially for the stats on the weapon. Not a big fan of melee, so I don't really know if the stats are good, or if I missed a stat.

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Ehm, how baseball theme fits space ninjas battles?O_O Baseball isnt even worldwide popular sport... No chance.

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vor 15 Minuten schrieb Melanholic7:

how baseball theme fits space ninjas battles?O_O

How does transdimensional Limbo Time Wizard fit?

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I admit the baseball theme feels a bit out of place (we do have a clown and a stage magician tho) but the abilities sound actually fun to use. The homeruns would be fun but counterintuitive to defense missions if the target survives.

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3 minutes ago, DarkRuler2500 said:


Limbo is based on Void lore.... Operators also manipulate Void and can "enter" it just like Limbo.

His looks dont fit tho. It feels more like event stuff than actual frame.


33 minutes ago, (NSW)Mystc said:

So what do you guys think?

Instead of Baseball you should use Lunaro. Really.

I remember DE already had plans to release Arcata as a weapon too.



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