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Guardian mod activation failure when Hildryn is equipped


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Noticed this a few weeks ago and thought it would get fixed but it hasn't yet so I thought I might put something in the forms. I first checked to see if the interaction was removed as a nerf to Hildryn, but nothing was listed. I've tested with many other frames and the mod works as expected with them. It is only with Hildryn that I am getting the strange interaction.

I went ahead and spent a afternoon in testing the error, from what I gather the bug is being caused due to an interaction between the Guardian mod and Hildryn's passive, when guardian triggers during the activation of the her passive the timer for guardian does not start.

Recreation Steps:

Equip Hildryn and a sentinel with the guardian mod

Get Hildryn's shields to 0

Guardian will proc and bring Hildryn up to max shields 

Wait for the 30 second cooldown on Guardian

Get Hildryn's shields to 0

Guardian will not proc


Guardian will not proc more than once with Hildryn equipped 

Expected Results:

Guardian should proc like it does for other frames 

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