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Forum bugs?


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Hi. I created a different PC Warframe account 4 months ago. For some reason every time I login to the forums on that account it says I "just joined".

But on this account it keeps accurate track of when I originally created the account, January 4th, 2020. I was trying to wait to login to the forums until 2/2/2020, because based on my experience with my previous PC account I thought my join date would be the day I actually join the forums.

I like it when my join date is all even or all odd numbers. It's just a weird quirk of mine.

So I'm disappointed to say the least.
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3 hours ago, (PS4)robotwars7 said:

Likely no. Those who need to see that info for whatever reason would need it to be legit. Dunno why it's a big deal, it's a date. Nothing more.

Imma try anyway.

But who do I even ask?

You know any mods?

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