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Change Nidus Insatiable Augment


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Currently the insatiable augment does not feel worth taking the place of another mod, an argument can be made for Larva Burst and Teeming Virulence because of scaling and weapon buffs but giving bonus stacks when they are pretty easy to get especially when doing higher level missions. I propose a change that when maggots attack enimes the have a change to convert them into a infested charger that has armor and health equal to the max health of the players Nidus. If they dont make a charger then they just burst and give progress to stacks as they do now. I believe this would be a neat addition to 1.) Make it an augment worth using as it gives minions to draw fireand deal damage and 2.) Make him feel more infested other than a very controlled strain that really doesnt seem to have a link to the infested other than his looks because his abilities could be retextured to match any faction with how they function but I believe there should at least be an option to show that his infestation could spread even if it is a small area.

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