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(Client) Leave Crewship, fade to black, when I can see again I'm already dead


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So in Railjack, as a Client, I've had this happen a few times: I sabotage a crewship from within, run to the exit, press square to leave.  I lose control of the game as my Archwing does a canned animation of flying out of the ship, and my screen fades to black.  I wait for the gameplay to resume.

When the screen unfades to show the outer space gameplay area, my body is already dangling limply from the Archwing, and I'm given the option to revive if I press square and sacrifice some Affinity.  My best guess is that the nearby fighters shot my Warframe to shreds before I was allowed to partake in the scene.

I'm not sure how easy it will be to tackle the root cause of this issue, but I would like to propose what seems like a reasonable band-aid for the issue: during transitions like these, make players invincible until 1 second after their screen is no longer black.  I'm guessing there's probably an invulnerability period now as-is, but it's not consistently aligning with player's visibility.  If the invulnerability is literally tied to player visibility, I think that would solve the issue.

Thanks for taking my bug report/feedback!

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It's already been announced that we'll get three seconds of invulnerability after exiting anything into our archwings.


Players will soon have ~3 seconds of invulnerability when exiting the Railjack or a Point of Interest!

  • This window allows for a moment to escape from the incoming damage aimed close to your location so you don’t fall victim to a one-shot death.


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