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Hey guys. First time poster on the forums. 
Wanted to discuss some stuff, specifically about the current Meta and non-meta stuff. 

Before that, is there an official suggestions post or something? I cant seem to find one as such. Just wanna put in a request to undo the change of having the combo finishers being shifted to dedicated action button, instead of as a part of the combo as such. 


Ah. So what seems to be the current meta? 
I'm personally (currently) using the Nami-Skyla prime, with two major set ups: Bleed + Viral with Blood and Condition mods, but that doesnt have a 100% status chance. 
And then, I've got one with 100% status, with Blast and Corrosive, but I dont remember if I have condition on it as of now. 

I also have started using the redeemer prime and the orthos prime, but I prefer the nami skyla prime because of the speed (Being the fastest dual sword with high status), in all honesty. 


For secondary, I go for the Staticor, just cos I love its crowd control abilities. 


But I think that I may be using stuff that isnt officially for the "meta". So... What do you guys think is the current go to?


Ah. One more thing. I used to (before the changes to finishers) have my Inaros + Rakta Dark dagger with covert and blight, but I feel thats not as effective compared to the pure joy of using the Nami Skyla prime. 


Thanks 🙂 

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